Song Pick of the Day





“A Sign of Things to Come” is the title of the upcoming EP by ADVANCE, the Glasgow based dystopian electronica project of Tom Perrett and Kimberly Copland, and we’re thrilled to exclusively premiere one track from the EP ahead of time (June 10). While we dig all four tracks, and since[…]

SONG PICK: Giungla – Wrong

Italian artist Giungla released another track “Wrong” from her debut EP “Camo”, out now (Apple Music, Spotify). “Even You / Sometimes you’re wrong” she sings with distorted vocals over thumping beats. For sure, she is not wrong with this kind of music and I hope to hear more from her[…]

SONG PICK: Oli Hannaford – Lily

“Lily”, the just released, second self-produced single by Oli Hannaford is a true stand-out gem! Combining the distinct sounds of Caribbean steel pans with the laidbackness of London’s chill neo soul?  Seriously? Yes, really, and the outcome is something so alluring, it’s hard to fully get it at first. But once the track progresses,[…]

SONG PICK: Julia Nilsson – For You

There was a time when a character in a movie would spontaneously break into song and a montage would show her dancing through the frames. “For You” by Swedish singer/songwriter Julia Nilsson could have been used in such a scene: at the moment when she realizes that she is in[…]

SONG PICK: Zach Alwin – Burnin’ Up

Sometimes a book or a record can be judged by its cover and the artwork to Zach Alwin’s newest single “Burnin’ Up” certainly is intriguing with its disco references. “Burnin’ Up” boosts some 70s funk bass lines and synths grooves, over soulful vocals with an overall cool dance vibe contrasting perfectly with[…]

SONG PICK: Batts – Kiki

“Kiki” is a new track by Australian singer/songwriter Tanya Batt, who records as BATTS, built from a shimmering guitar line and lush electronic textures. I don’t know who Kiki is, but Batts is singing “about the over thinking element that takes over your mind after a break up and during[…]

SONG PICK: NAVVI – Simpatico

It is almost impossible not to be instantly hooked by “Simpatico”, the latest single by Seattle duo NAVVI comprised of Kristin Henry and Brad Boettger. “Simpatico” is a mesmerizing track, with alluring vocals set over dark and powerful beats, fat synths sounds and a piercing guitar melody. “Simpatico” is the last single after “Close” before[…]

SONG PICK: Linki – Demonise

As much as I like the wave of forward-looking electronic music, I always appreciate a straightforward rock song when it appears in my stream. “Demonise”, the debut song by singer/songwriter Linki is such a track: it starts with wailing guitars and doesn’t let you go until the last bar. Watch[…]

SONG PICK: Saints Patience – Break of Dawn – [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Swirly guitar riffs first, driving drum beats next, followed by a soft cloud of strings and then the vocals, oh these smooth and soulful rock vocals – what more is there to desire? “Break of Dawn” is one superb example of an instantly addictive alt-rock anthem! London duo Saints Patience, comprised of multi-instrumentalist Spencer and vocalist[…]

SONG PICK: Izzy Flynn – Medicine

When this song starts with a lone piano line you would not guess, where it will end: as a piece of sleek, soulful electronic music that got us immediately excited here at glamglare. “Medicine” is a new track by English singer/songwriter Izzy Flynn and our Song Pick of the Day.[…]