Song Pick of the Day




Liz Cass

Liz Cass – Human

“Does it make me less human,” asks U.K. based singer/songwriter Liz Cass in her new emotive single “Human.” She refers to the mental readjustments that we all have been gone through since the pandemic arrived. The elegant, dramatic synthpop production fits perfectly with the heaviness of the thoughts in her[…]

DC Gore – I Like You [Video]

The synth-pop banger “I Like You” marks the third single from DC Gore‘s upcoming debut album All These Things, out July 29th on Domino Records. Irresistibly catchy, “I Like You” is only on the surface carefree and easygoing because the song’s sentiment goes deeper. “I Like You” is an introspective view[…]

Siv Jacobsen

Siv Jacobsen – Most of the Time

“Most of the Time” is a reflection of how the past suddenly can awaken in one’s mind. We don’t know who Norwegian singer/songwriter Siv Jacobsen refers to, but there is also a hint of darkness and regret in the song when she sings, “I wanna know what it feels like[…]

Ruby Greenberg – Roses

Ruby Greenberg is a fantastic singer and storyteller. Immediately captivated by her gorgeous vocals, I was equally smitten by the narrative and the words she has chosen to create her new single “Roses.” This is music that makes you pause for a moment so that beauty can fill your senses,[…]

Jillian Lake

Jillian Lake – Steady Hands

Sometimes things don’t feel right in life. In “Steady Hands” Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Jillian Lake recounts such a time in a reflective, intimate song that evolves around a gentle acoustic guitar line. Jillian explains: “I wrote this single when I was heartbroken living on the 22nd floor of an apartment right[…]

Haiines – Groovin’

Emma Haines does everything herself from composing to singing, to producing. Under the artist name Haiines, she creates beautifully lush house music that is as retro as it is futuristic and definitely irresistible. “Groovin’” focuses on one sentiment, and one only: “groovin’ to the music, groovin’ every night” and we[…]


Cillë – Kill or Be Killed

Power games in relationships can be challenging, even when there is no literal killing. “Kill or Be Killed”, the new song by Cillë is “about toughening up in the name of love” and having fun with it. The energetic and upbeat glam rock track features exuberant guitars and laughs in[…]

Léa Sen – I Feel Like I’m Blue [Video]

Singer, songwriter, and producer Léa Sen offers with “I Feel Like I’m Blue” another exquisite taste from her upcoming EP, You Of Now Pt. 1, out on May 20th via Partisan Records. The song might be the EP’s most wistful track yet its melancholy is beautifully chill and absolutely irresistible![…]

Keeper E

Keeper E. – I Can Do It

Keeper E. is annoyed. The Canadian singer/songwriter sings “I Can Do it” and is not willing anymore to let herself be talked down by other people, in particular men. She explains: “This song is about claiming our own power and acknowledging that we are human, and we make mistakes, and[…]

Riches – The Frequency

“The Frequency” is Riches‘s magnificent and utterly irresistible new single. Behind Riches are Catherine McCandless (Young Galaxy) and Wynn Holmes (choreographer) who created “The Frequency” together with producer/composer Dan Lissvik (studio/Atelje). Riches is a multidisciplinary, intercontinental collaboration of music, dance, and performance. Songs are the first iteration of the project,[…]