Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Josin – The Darkness (Video)

“The Darkness,” the new single and video by German singer, songwriter, and producer Josin is a sonic and visual masterpiece. The juxtaposition of understanding and accepting with sadness and despair are hypnotizing in its push-and-pull dynamic. When asked about her newest work, which also announces an upcoming EP, Arbella Rauch, the[…]


SONG PICK: Varley – Bubble Up

“What a waste of energy, what a weight to carry,” sings Claire-Ann about the insecurities that she would rather get rid of. Together with her two band members Joschka Bender and Matthias Heising of Berlin-based band Varley she seems to be on a good track: their new song “Bubble up”[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Ella Sisters – Sugarcoat and Q&A

Norwegian sibling-duo The Ella Sisters gear up for the release of their sophomore EP Sugarcoat out later this year. Maren and Charlotte envision Sugarcoat as the second volume of their delightful debut EP Queens. The new album will expand on the themes already laid out in the first installment and widens it to underestimation and confidence as well as the[…]

Claire George

SONG PICK: Claire George – Pink Elephants

Los Angeles-based artist Claire George does not disguise what her new song “Pink Elephants” is about: the pain and helplessness of losing somebody to drug abuse, something she herself has experienced with a person close to her. Claire, who has carved out her very own niche in synth-pop with her[…]

SONG PICK: ZOLA – Nosebleed

With a title like “Nosebleed,” one might associate a punk or heavy metal song, but not necessarily the beautiful pop pearl that this new single by Californian singer/songwriter ZOLA is. While the song’s melody and production are light, shimmering, and super catchy, the subject matter itself is a serious and[…]

Amelie Patterson

SONG PICK: Amelie Patterson – Everything, Nothing

Take your headphones and maybe turn up the volume a bit more than usual. Because Canadian singer/songwriter Amelie Patterson is about to carry you away to cosmic dimensions in her new song “Everything, Nothing.” The track slowly builds with an intricate, restrained production and leads you into an ever-expanding sonic[…]

SONG PICK: Del Water Gap – Sorry I Am (Video)

Del Water Gap, aka S. Holden Jaffe, kicks off the Spring season with a bright and beautiful song that could not come at a better time. Now that nature is in full bloom, and things are looking more hopeful again, “Sorry I Am” offers the perfect backdrop. The track swirls and[…]


SONG PICK: Dafna – Sweeter

Finding your place in the world is an often overwhelming burden at a young age. Even more so today, where life in all its facets is readily available at your fingertips 24/7. In “Sweeter” Colorado-based singer, songwriter, and producer Dafna reflects about this state of mind, which she can only[…]


SONG PICK: Teja Palace – Listen

“Listen” has a mediative, spiritual message, but it probably won’t make it into your typical spa relaxation playlist. Instead singer/producer Teja Palace from Brisbane, Australia uses hard-hitting, repetitive electronics and ghostly vocals to get your attention and make you listen. Teja gives us some background about the song: “Listen was[…]