Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: The Cuckoos – So Real, So Surreal (Video)

Austin-based psych-rockers The Cuckoos continue to release singles and videos simultaneously, with their new “So Real, So Surreal”. This latest installment is a beautifully woozy and summer-sensual song. What prompted the band to create a video featuring a blow-up doll? And how did they avoid to make this look all[…]


SONG PICK: Mïrändä – Holiday

We probably all need a holiday from solving problems, bad news and general stress. In her latest song “Holiday” Mïrändä proposes taking some time off to fix a relationship, but in the end she leaves us doubtful if this is going to work. “Maybe we don’t need to talk at all,” she sings and that rather points to an attempt to simply gloss over real issues. Either way, the gentle guitar and her cheerful singing invites you to close your eyes and dream of a few days of joy far away from everything.

SONG PICK: Mildlife – Vapour

Some things luckily do not change, like analog synths still do sound as futuristic now as they did 50 years ago. They come with the promise of an exciting future ahead and lots of possibilities. A cosmic-tinged song like “Vapour” and its magnetic flute solo manages to envelop the listener[…]

SONG PICK: Boy Willows – I Love It When You Talk

“I Love It When You Talk” by Boy Willows is an uncompromisingly soft, smooth, and sensual single that instantly mesmerizes. The glorious track evokes images of golden sun rays dancing on rippling waves. It is beautiful! Landon Fleischman, the artist behind the moniker Boy Willows, says the following about his[…]

Ess See

SONG PICK: Ess See – Overdrive (Video)

There is this one moment when continuous romantic disappointment turns into new hope in its brightest colors. No matter on which side of this event you may be, the new song by Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Sarah Cobb aka Ess See is the perfect anthem to lift you up. She produced this one herself and gave it a subtle, joyful retro-feel to the time when affairs of love were perceived simpler.

SONG PICK: Man of Moon – Strangers (Video)

“Strangers”, the new single by Scottish duo Man of Moon, is as exhilarating as a fancy, fuzzy bubble bath squeezed into a four-minute song. It is as if Kraftwerk meets LCD Soundsystem, together they pick up Killing Joke along the way, and then they are going to party with Chemical[…]

Marva Von Theo

SONG PICK: Marva Von Theo – Forever

The new song “Forever” by Marva Von Theo, the Athens, Greece based duo of Marva Voulgari and Theo Foinidis takes on big thoughts about life and eternity, but wraps them into an accessible synth pop gem that will stick in your head. Reminiscent of synthesizer pioneers like Jean-Michel Jarre the track celebrates electronic music as a classic, energy-infused composition.

SONG PICK: Zach Benson – mischief!

The joie de vivre, the joy of life in “mischief!” is infectious, the good kind of contagious. The new single by New York-based pop artists Zach Benson and Gregory Dillon captures the carefreeness and sunshine fun of Summer in just one glorious pop-song. When asked about the inspiration for “mischief!”,[…]


SONG PICK: Jareth – Amber (ft. Gent Mason)

Amber can preserve a moment in for eternity, an idea that strikes close in the current situation, where time seems to be in a weird loop. This is the metaphor the new song by London-based singer/songwriter Jareth evolves around: “being in love feeling like you’re trapped in amber, the way it can feel like it’s going to last forever and every detail seems preserved in your memory.” With Gent Mason lending his vocals and a slow, floating production the track indeed captures a moment which will be in our collective memory for a long time.