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SONG PICK: Helven – u my homie

The title “u my homie” suggests a squeaky bubble gum pop track about the intricacies of high school life, but that is not what Jenny Bakke, aka Helven, has in mind. Her song is a reflective piece about deep friendship that comes with a relaxed, retrained production. As for the[…]

SONG PICK: Jane. – Ingenue

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Jane. released  “Ingenue,” his emotive and enchanting debut single. Jane. is the new project of Raj Jain for whom ethnicity plays an even bigger role than for most of us since he grew up half Indian, a quarter black, and a quarter white in both America and[…]

SONG PICK: Frances Baker – Bringing Me Down

Is it a sheer coincidence that I feature back-to-back two female singer/songwriters, who produce their music themselves and call Nashville, TN their home? Maybe they will collaborate on something one day? For now, get to know Frances Baker, who embarked on an exciting journey to support Arlo Parks on her[…]


SONG PICK: Aerhart – Hold Me Closer Give Me Space

Aerhart is the project of Brooklyn-based singer and producer Amelia Wellers. On October 22, she will release her debut album “Wallflower,” a beautiful piece of experimental electronic music grounded by her ethereal vocals. The first single, “Hold Me Closer Give Me Space,” is driven by an intricate rhythm juxtaposed with[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Wild Heart Club – Glitter on the Drum

Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kristen Castro makes music as Wild Heart Club. She creates irresistibly fascinating indie-pop, by blending elements from different kinds of genres, freely employing digital and analog tools as needed. While many artists these days tend to take from different musical styles and using a plethora[…]

Helaine Vis

SONG PICK: Helaine Vis – Ice (Video)

Breakups are hard on both sides, no matter who initiates them. Polish singer/songwriter Helaine Vis tells this story from the point of view of somebody who is haunted by empathy with the person being hurt more. “Ice” is a quiet, reflective song from Helaine’s debut album “Pretty Cliché,” out on[…]

SONG PICK: Teulu – Albeit

Reading about Teulu‘s inspiration for “Albeit,” I knew I wanted to feature the song before I even listened to it. Granted, I knew it would be electronic music, a genre that I love, yet I was not prepared for how much “Albeit” moved me. Ben Capogrossi, aka Teulu, created pure[…]


SONG PICK: Varley – Misery (Video)

The new song by Irish-German trio Varley is called “Misery,” but it is meant as an antidote to self-afflicted negativity. “Don’t blame me now for building all your misery,” Claire-Ann sings in this catchy upbeat pop tune. But the “me” and “you” are interchangeable, as the band explains: “Have you[…]


We had Brighton-based shoegazers HANYA on our radar early last year already when they released the gorgeous “I’ll Do It Tomorrow.” Since then, a few more brilliant singles followed, but their newest one, “Fortunes,” might be their most compelling to date! “Fortunes” feels effortlessly blissful and beautiful. Discussing their EP[…]