Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Pinero|Serene – Dead Flowers

German/Philipino musician Cheryl Pinero and the multi-faceted artist and singer Neeq Serene are based in London and make dark, atmosperic dream pop as Pinero|Serene. “Dead Flowers” is their second song and will be on their upcoming 4-track EP “Dark Matter” to be released next Friday. The duo gives us an[…]

SONG PICK: Big Society – Marine Club Party

Manchester four-piece Big Society hit all the right spots with their new single “Marine Club Party”. The track is pleasingly fussy and upbeat, highly catchy and bursts with beautiful harmonies and a summer-sexy vibe. With such incredible songwriting talent, it comes as no surprise that Big Society are performing at[…]

SONG PICK: Saint Taint – I Got Lies (ft. Mïrändä)

We don’t know much about producer Saint Taint but we have been long-time fans of Mïrändä who they teamed up with for “I Got Lies”. She lends a summerly playfulness to the song about our on- and offline lives, while the production alternately reflects the shiny and the ugly side[…]

SONG PICK: a. harlana – If I’m A Bird

Brooklyn-based dream-folk trio a. harlana just released their beautifully mellow and utterly compelling “If I’m A Bird”. When asked about the new single, lead singer Juno Roome answered: “This tune began in 2009 [when I was a teenager], when I used to write sappy love songs. I would come back[…]

SONG PICK: Bad Honey – Somewhere Blue

Bad Honey is the London-based duo of Lydia Clowes and Teresa Origone and they have a perfect song for dreaming away a lazy afternoon. “Somewhere Blue” is the place where you would rather be, where you belong. But warm synths and soft vocal harmonies take the edge out of the[…]

SONG PICK: ackerman – 84 Palms

Ahead of their EP “A Million Sunflowers” scheduled for later this year, Brooklyn-based experimental rock project ackerman released the ultra-gorgeous single “84 Palms”. The sunlight bright song swirls and sparkles and brings the catchy vibes of bands like Saint Lucia or Passion Pit to mind. Having started out as a[…]

SONG PICK: Katie Rose – Beginnings

“Beginnings,” the new track by Charlston-based singer/songwriter Katie Rose is meant as an antidote for hopelessness. It harnesses the power of music to show a way out of darkness by offering support of a community and “a soft place to land.” Katie Rose again shows her mastery of soaring, elevating[…]

SONG PICK: Paper Beat Scissors – Gun Shy

Listening to “Gun Shy”, I feel reminded of the things that really matter in life, the honest and simple things. By any means, the track is not ‘simple’ per but it is beautifully pure and utterly mesmerizing. The latest single of Montreal- and UK-based experimental folk band Paper Beat Scissors[…]

SONG PICK: Wildes – True Love

It is Pride Weekend here in New York and everywhere in the world, so let’s celebrate with a message of love by London-based singer/songwriter Ella Walker aka Wildes. Her latest song “True Love” is a slow, calm song intended to carry you away on a bed of elevating thoughts. Ella[…]

SONG PICK: Jens Carelius – All I Know

A song as mesmerizing as “All I Know” is appealing without any knowledge about its inspiration or wider context. However, if your great-great-grandfather has documented over 50,000 specimens of fascinating butterflies in Eastern Siberia in the 1800s and you are an artist you might want to explore this a little[…]