Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Paperwhite – Unstoppable

If you need a jolt of energy on this Sunday, sing along with Katie Marshall, who forms with her brother Ben the duo Paperwhite: “We are Unstoppable”. Our Song Pick of the day is an anthemic electro pop track, which is hard not to like.

SONG PICK: Shallow Waves – Tired

Toronto’s Shallow Waves take their inspiration from 90s grunge and garage bands and mix and whirl it all perfectly together in the grungy, yet charming “Tired”, our Song Pick of Saturday.

SONG PICK: Eliza Shaddad – Run

Ahead of her EP release on March 18th, Eliza Shaddad delights us with “Run”, a brooding, highly atmospheric and ever intensifying gem of a song. Her vocals can be velvety soft yet at the same time powerful when she cries out: “Run from me far and fast as you can[…]

SONG PICK: Andrew Grant – Slow Burn

“Slow Burn” is the debut track by L.A. producer Andrew Grant. It features his intense vocals and a thundering dance floor bass line that twists the song into an unexpected area.

SONG PICK: Jarbird – Iona

“Iona”, the lastest release by London 4-piece Jarbird, is a track that keeps you on your toes. While of ethereal beauty, it is at the same time also hard to fully grasp in just one listening session, because of the twists and turns the melody takes. The track is hypnotic,[…]

SONG PICK: Badlands – Echo

Here is a another single from Badlands from her album “Locus”, scheduled for April this year. It is a wonderful dark track with 80s-style synth textures, like the soundtrack to a walk through the ghost town that stars prominently in the lyrics.

SONG PICK: Pretty City – Melt

While listening to “Melt”, my immediate thought upon hearing the line ‘everything just melts away’ is “yeah, the snow, hopefully soon!”, yet I highly doubt that the Australian three-piece Pretty City was thinking of ‘snow’ when coming up with the lyrics for their latest single  “Melt”. Okay then… Melbourne, Summer, hot[…]

SONG PICK: Alan Booth – Clutch

We go back to Australia, Sydney to be precise, for our Song Pick of the Day. Producer and singer Alan Booth’s track “Clutch” is only on the surface a smooth R&B track – below the vocals melodies twist and twirl and put a good dose of anxiety into the song.[…]


FEWS is a band we don’t know much about – yet. They’re a four piece and according to their bio on SXSW’s page originally from Sweden yet their Facebook page shows London, UK as their other base. What I do know though is that “The Zoo” is a killer track![…]

SONG PICK: The Jackobins – One More Chance

For all of us who are at times missing the bands we grew up with like U2 or Simple Minds, to just name a couple, there’s good news in form of Liverpool five-piece The Jackobins who make “classic” alternative rock, with great hooks and big stadium anthems. Their latest single[…]