Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: KYOSi – Early Riser

No matter if you are an “Early Riser” or not, our Song Pick of the Day will boost your Saturday. New York singer/producer KYOSi’s debut single is a fresh, upbeat track that channels the effect of the first rays of sunshine in the morning.

SONG PICK: Lightcliffe – Please Leave

Even after having listened multiple times to “Please Leave”, the 2nd single by London quartet Lightcliffe, my immediate feelings still ring true: this is a heartbreakingly sweet song, based on a great melody, with lots of warm and fuzzy guitars and topped off with kinda ‘innocent’ sounding, great vocals… While starting out[…]

SONG PICK: Tsar B – Myth

Sensual, electronics infused with Middle Eastern melodies is the trademark of mysterious Belgian singer Tsar B. Add that ominous bass line and you have an excellent Song Pick of the Day. Check out also her video for “Escalate”.

SONG PICK: luhx. – poison.

We take it more slowly on this Wednesday morning with “poison.”, an alluring new song by luhx. from Boston. They call their sound “synth-soul” and that describes it already pretty well. The song is beautifully crafted and the vocals are amazing and rather unique for this kind of “chill-pop”, you’d[…]

SONG PICK: Avec Sans – Heartbreak Hi

A broken heart heals slowly. That is the topic of our Song Pick of the Day “Heartbreak Hi” by the London duo Avec Sans. We have featured them before, when they were on the way to our hometown festival CMJ. Now they are Austin-bound and we are looking forward to[…]

SONG PICK: High Tyde – Dark Love

In need of a little energy push? Listen to the super cool and highly infectious “Dark Love” and you’ll feel instantly energized and ready to tackle this Monday evening like it was Friday. “Dark Love”, our Song Pick of the Day, is the latest single by the British quartet High[…]

SONG PICK: Stella – Works For You

Greece has a special place in our hearts, so I’m delighted to present “Works For You” by singer/songwriter Stella as the Song Pick of the Day. It is in no way a folk song, but there is something distinctively Greek about it, before that bright synth line carries it away[…]

SONG PICK: Vryll Society – Self Realization

As far as really cool psychedelic rock goes, this latest single by Liverpool’s Vryll Society is a stand-out. Certainly, “Self Realization” is made of the usual ingredients like a groovy vibe, fuzzy guitars, lo-fi vocals and  an overall hypnotic feel but wait when the lead guitar sets in, getting loose,[…]

SONG PICK: Foreign Air – In the Shadows

Our Song Pick of the Day is the perfect track to start into the weekend: “In the Shadows” is driven by an insane, thundering beat that will get you in the mood for a good time. The track comes from the duo Foreign Air, who is working on their debut[…]

SONG PICK: Only Shadows – Be Still

It’s no secret that I love high energy, stadium ready, big chorus songs, with cool vocals and I’ve heard quite a few awesome ones lately yet “Be Still” might very well be my new favorite among them. I lost count of how often I clicked on the “play” button, fully[…]