Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Few Bits – Summer Sun

Our Song Pick of the Day, is titled “Summer Sun” and it feels exactly like it. Singer Karolien van Ransbeeck’s of the Belgian band Few Bits relaxed vocals contras with the relentless beat and in between there are guitars that shimmer like sunlight on a lake. Here on the East[…]


After having listened to some amazing new tracks all afternoon, I stumbled upon “Brambles” and knew from the first couple of beats that this would be my Song Pick of the Day. “Brambles” is the single from HEATH‘s six track EP “JUNE” released April 29, and aims right into the music-loving[…]

SONG PICK: Joy Atlas – Drop Your Sword

Joy Atlas, a UK four-piece around singer/songwriter Beccy Owen just released their third single, “Drop Your Sword”, our Song Pick of the Day. It features driving intricate beats, a prominent baseline and minimalistic synths that complement Beccy’s expressive vocals. This is 2016 music at its best.

SONG PICK: Dear Thieves – My Street

There’s something instantly gripping about “My Street”, the new single by Dear Thieves, hailing from Melbourne, Australia. The allure of “My Street”, which will be officially released May 20th, comes partly from the hard-hitting drums and relentless guitar chords, and partly from the uniquely husky vocals. Dear Thieves consist of Joel Hansen (drums) and[…]

SONG PICK: Feral Love – Like The Wind

“Like The Wind” is the perfect Song Pick of the Day on a Monday: it comes with a lot of energy and when singer Adele Emmas sings the chorus “He’s like the wind”, you feel like throwing your fist into the air. Feral Love is a duo from Liverpool and[…]

SONG PICK: Alex The Flipper vs. ADI – Was it You

This track grows on you. Is it dance music or a pop song? It starts out with piano and a dark bass line and gradually add more to it before it culminates with a bright, chiming synth line. And then there is Israeli producer ADI’s vocals, who you may appreciate[…]


Toronto’s four piece BLAJK follow-up their smart synth-pop  single “French Class”, and our first Song Pick of the Day 2016, with an equally dazzling song. The just released “Good Liars” lets Jordan Radics’ deep and raspy-charming vocals shine to the fullest and everything else falls beautifully into place: the carefully put guitar chimes,[…]

SONG PICK: Boudoir Noir – Wild Valentine

Boudoir Noir is a three-piece from Michigan and I already loved their first single “Endless Dawn”. Our Song Pick of the Day is the second track from their upcoming EP, also called “Endless Dawn”. It is a sensual love song that combines electronic and acoustic beats with oriental melodies. That[…]

SONG PICK: Djustin – Tryst

I find it hard to resist 80s-style synth arpeggios and our Song Pick of the Day “Tryst” by the trans-continental duo Djustin is full of them. The two members Rose Suau and Johan Andergård found a high musical compatibility brought them together and they formed the band before they ever[…]


Bradford five-piece NGOD follow-up their charming debut single “Are You Satisfied” with another stunner. The just released “Blue” lets Sam Augustine’s striking vocals shine even more and demonstrates the band’s serious songwriting chops. From the start, “Blue” is hypnotic as well as super catchy and sports a must-chime-in chorus. Listen to “Blue”, our Our Song Pick of the Day:[…]