Song Pick of the Day





“Won’t Break” is like an impressionistic painting, created with the softer tones of the color palette, with steady strokes yet light and pleasing at the same time. And so, this new single by CHELAN is a gorgeous and slowly but steady pulsating indie synthpop gem. CHELAN, (pronounced “sh-lan”) are Jennifer Grady and Justin Hosford, who broadened[…]

SONG PICK: Soffía Björg – I Lie

Our Song Pick of the Day is another track from Iceland: “I Lie” by Soffía Björg, a fierce rock song that falls somewhere between Americana and punk. “You lie”, then “I lie” she shouts, telling the story of a relationship of broken promises. Soffía is playing Iceland Airwaves this fall.


“Explore” is a song you would want to listen to while getting ready for a night on the town and then again, while on the dance floor with a hot date by your side. The sizzling “Explore” is blissful guitar heavy electro-pop at its best. Listen to “Explore”, the new single by[…]

SONG PICK: Hannah Peel – All That Matters

“All That Matters” starts with a swirling synth line and builds from there into some sort of uplifting anthem until it ends with a cliffhanger: London singer/songwriter Hannah Peel wants to make us curious for her second solo album “Awake But Always Dreaming” (wonderful title!), out on September 9th. The[…]

SONG PICK: Fond Of Rudy – The Line

Brighton quartet Fond Of Rudy dub their sound “South Eastern Calypso Pop”, while I call their new single “The Line”, a dazzling blend of bubbly, fizzy happiness! Without being over-produced sugar-pop, “The Line” offers sparkly guitar melodies, superb vocals and pulsating, optimistic beats. This is irresistible bliss for all senses! Listen to the beautifully catchy “The Line”, our[…]

SONG PICK: Twin Wild – My Heart

I haven’t even finished listening to “My Heart” and declare this new single by London quartet Twin Wild our Song Pick of the Day. “My Heart” is an instantly catchy, alt-rock gem that starts out with a gorgeous falsetto and then continues  to build on the entire range of these power vocals. From[…]

SONG PICK: Highland Kites – This War Inside

“This War Inside” is a gripping song by the L.A. duo Highland Kites about escaping a struggle with yourself. There are darkness and war drums in this song, but singer and songwriter Marissa Lamar ends on a hopeful note: “I needed darkness to see the light / I will find[…]


“Jah Jah” is a pulsating rock-fusion gem, featuring dubstep and moving vocals, growling bass lines and pealing guitar runs with scintillating effects. This new single by London-based Mangoseed reminds me of some of the best works of Asian Dub Foundation and I couldn’t be happier about the opportunity to premiere the dazzling “Jah Jah”! Living[…]

SONG PICK: Linying – Alpine

Our Song Pick of the Day is a song by Linying from Singapore: her latest track “Alpine” starts quiet, almost inaudible and then soars into big, chills-inducing ballad. Maybe she had a sunrise in the mountains in mind, when she chose the title. Linying is working on an EP “Paris[…]

SONG PICK: Hildur – Bumpy Road

“Bumpy Road” is an irresistibly catchy pop-gem, upbeat and instantly happiness inducing. It is the latest track by Icelandic singer, songwriter and producer Hildur, who fans also know from her band Rökkurró. “Bumpy Road” is electro-pop at its best, and our Song Pick of the Day. Hildur is scheduled to play this[…]