Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Stalgia – In The Trees

Stalgia are Lauren Day and Brandon Leslie who make music together in L.A. “In The Trees” is a sensual track full of rich electronic textures and snappy beats (and some down-pitched vocals, which seem hard to avoid these days). I like it how the instrumentation subtly changes and of course[…]

SONG PICK: Onomoto – Down In The Dark

Onomoto is the musical project of multi-talented artist Kathryn Rollins from Perth, Australia. “Down In The Dark” is her promising debut single: a slow, intense track with cinematic touches. Kathryn plans to combine her music with visual elements, such as the slick and elegant website, which she designed and coded[…]

SONG PICK: Shallows – Empire Of The Animal

“Empire Of The Animal” is the follow-up single to the wildly popular “Summer Sucks” by L.A. indie-pop duo Shallows, comprised of Dani Poppitt and Marshall Gallagher. There’s a beautiful melancholy to “Empire Of The Animal”, created by dense layers of ambience and percussion as well as vocals that give room to different emotions.[…]

SONG PICK: Lavoy – Smile

I love everything about “Smile”, the latest single by Alaska alt-pop five-piece Lavoy. The title of the song, the melody, the arrangement, the sentiment… everything!  When I first listened to the totally irresistibly, upbeat ditty, I truly smiled myself. There’s something about “Smile” that just folds you in a super pleasant embrace,[…]

SONG PICK: Izzy Flynn – Gracious

Here is a new one “Gracious” by Izzy Flynn, a London-based musician, who already got us with her song “Medicine” around two months ago. “Gracious” is a slow-burning track with lush electronic textures, which immediately draws you in. Izzy is currently busy touring together with the Abstract Orchestra, unfortunately so[…]

SONG PICK: Cryptochrome – CLOUD

Not shy of using elements from different genres to create the music they want, Cryptochrome take beats from hip-hop, add some heavy industrial vibes, mix in female singing vocals, plus some rapping male and female vocals and voila! something absolutely fresh and exciting has been made with “CLOUD”. This latest track is taken from the six[…]

SONG PICK: MIYNT – After the Gold Rush

“Come on, open your eyes / It’s a beautiful life” sings MIYNT from Sweden, before the song with its distorted bass line and the weird turns out to be as unpredictable as life itself. In “After The Gold Rush” she is playing with themes from the 1970 Neil Young album[…]


“Your Eyes”, the debut single by alt-pop quartet GLASS PEAKS, is the sonic equivalent to “no further questions asked”, because the track is simply that good! There is no need to know more about the band or if they can match this stunner with an equally awesome follow-up, for now there is[…]

SONG PICK: VanDeRocker – Jupiter’s Kiss

Our Song Pick of the day is an uncompromising, driving rock song, barely over 2:30 minutes long, that can get any party started. VanDeRocker is a five piece around singer around guitarist Adrienne VanDeRocker, who has been playing since she was 12 and checked off all the music hotspots of[…]


“I will love you more every day / I can see no other way” sings Dani in our Song Pick of the Day, but the ominous bass line suggests that there is not a happy ending to this story. The singer from Vancouver, Canada reflects a personal experience in “Love[…]