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SONG PICK: Ollie Trevers – I Can’t Make It Up

From his last month released EP “Cordelia”, London-based singer/songwriter Ollie Trevers offers two songs as his singles: the more upbeat, pop-oriented and beautiful “I Need Someone” as well as the absolutely spectacular “I Can’t Make It Up”, which we decided on featuring. Rarely does a single track offer such a broad[…]

SONG PICK: Tatum – Broken

Being “Broken” is not necessarily a bad thing, says South African singer Tatum: Sometimes there is poignant beauty in broken things. Broken beings have often survived a lot and have a much greater depth. I consider myself broken in many ways too and when it comes to love I prefer[…]

SONG PICK: Braids – Eclipse (Ashley) (Video)

While music fans everywhere are busy with compiling lists of their favorite songs and albums of 2019 or the entire decade, you might want to consider “Eclipse (Ashley)” by Montreal-based indie art rock band Braids as well because their new single is irresistibly gorgeous! The track has a coaxing flow[…]

SONG PICK: talker – Learning the Feeling (Video)

No more being nice and quiet, says Celeste Taucher aka talker in her brand new single “Learning the Feeling”. No matter what makes you currently want to be kicking and screaming, the cathartic chorus may be just what you need to channel your feelings. And while you are on it,[…]


The super sexy guitar solo alone makes me want to spin “Lady” again and again but the infectious new single by LUVRS does not stop there and also comes with irresistible beats and funky grooves, topped off with appealing vocals and then some! “Lady” is the new single by Brooklyn-based[…]


SONG PICK: Zola – Télephone

The titular “Télephone” is the link that keeps to lovers together over a long distance. Wait a moment – who is still using phones for communication in 2019? But this somewhat anachronistic metaphor fits to the song, because even though San Francisco-based singer/songwriter Zola is just 22, she takes some[…]

SONG PICK: Lou Stone – Higher Than High

Following his recent single “Truth Toy”, Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lou Stone brings out an even softer side with his new release “Higher Than High”. Seems like his warm and evocative vocals were never put more on stage, able to shine and draw the listener fully in. When asked[…]

SONG PICK: Fassine – Limbs

Fassine is a “cinematic trio” from London and indeed their new song “Limbs” unfolds like a five minute short film with elements of suspense, drama and hope. What is it about? Fassine gives us a hint: Limbs is the warfare waged over someone else’s well-being. The silence of the middle[…]

SONG PICK: Nick Wilson – Say It Now

British indie-pop artist Nick Wilson just released the beautiful “Say It Now”, a song about love and its complications, multi-faceted emotions wrapped in a compelling melody and expressed through utterly gorgeous vocals. When asked about his newest single, Wilson provides: “Say It Now is about that helplessness of realising something[…]

NOVEMBER 2019 in Rearview

With not only 2019 but an entire decade winding down, we want to do something new and kick-off our monthly rearview series, because – quite frankly – the past deserves to be reviewed, acknowledged and yes, celebrated! We are focusing not only on what is happening here on glamglare but[…]