Song Pick of the Day




SONG PICK: Claire George – Alone, Together

L.A.-based singer/producer Claire George dazzled us first with her single “Orbit” and then with a stunning performance this spring at SXSW. Now she is back with a sweeping new song “Alone, Together” about change in a relationship. And this is not a piano ballad as you might think after the[…]

SONG PICK: Reclaim Vienna – Kick The Butterfly

Manchester knows no end in attracting or nurturing spectacular indie bands, with synth-wave rockers Reclaim Vienna the city’s newest addition its ever growing fantastic music scene. The six-piece’s debut single “Kick The Butterfly” is nothing short but stunning! The driving urgency and production vibe ask for comparisons with legends like[…]

SONG PICK: Operators – Despair

Casually listening to Apple radio this morning, “Faithless” stood out and I interrupted our breakfast-in-the-sun-conversation to check the band’s name: Operators. Not stopping there, I also found out that the analog heavy post-punk band is based in Montreal and formed by members of Wolf Parade and Divine Fits, to name[…]

SONG PICK: Lara Snow – Butter Knife (Video)

Electro pop singer/songwriter Lara Snow moved from Tel Aviv to Berlin and had to cope with winter and the extended times of darkness that comes with it in Northern Europe. Now with fall officially starting in a week or so, it is not too early for a power anthem to[…]

SONG PICK: Michael Baker – Baby Books

London-based singer/songwriter Michael Baker releases with “Baby Books” a bright and optimistic sounding single that does not immediately reveal its darker and truly serious backstory. Admittedly, I have the biggest admiration for artists who are able to take their emotions and experiences and turn them into a beautiful song. When[…]

SONG PICK: Julia Church – Crawl

Julia Church is a singer, songwriter and producer based in London and originally from Durban, South Africa. “Crawl,” her latest release is a sophisticated pop song with timeless elegance. Julia says about the track: Crawl is my third single, which I produced with the super talented Ben De Vries. It’s[…]

SONG PICK: Rachel Bobbit & Justice Der – Iris Road

Rachel Bobbit and Justice Der are two musicians from Toronto who collaborated for a few songs since 2018. Their latest one, „Iris Road“ is one of those songs you enjoy the more the more you listen. Full with wistful melancholy the track perfectly captures a late summer vibes. Check out[…]

SONG PICK: Pelicandy – Our Life Now

Sleek and determined drumming with brief quiet moments to add extra suspense, semi-angry vocals that are crazy irresistible, London-based duo Pelicandy make themselves heard again with yet another stunning single, “Our Life Now”, ahead of their EP release on September 10th. They say the following about their debut EP “Underlove”:[…]

SONG PICK: Trentemøller – Try A Little ft. Jenny Lee Lindberg

For his upcoming album “Obverse” Danish producer Trentemøller employed a divers cast of singers, such as Warpaint bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg for the second single “Try A Little.” This type of collaboration can be problematic with a production that demands too much attention over the vocals, but Trentemøller avoided this[…]