Song Pick of the Day




Rio Tigre

SONG PICK: Rio Tigre – The World Cries

Rio Tigre is a duo from Brooklyn, but mastermind Raphael Pazoumian hails from Paris, which may not be too surprising when you hear the meticulously crafted electronic soundscapes of their new song “The World Cries.” Inspiration comes also from his new home: they quote “driving across the Williamsburg Bridge at 4am, the twinkle of Manhattan fading away in the rearview mirror” as a theme of their songs.

SONG PICK: Sonny Elliot – New Moon

English duo Sonny Elliot‘s gorgeous new single “New Moon” is one of the songs that I would love, LOVE to see being performed live! The backbone of the track is delicate fingerpicking that continues with the same rhythm throughout the entire song until only at the end it intensifies its[…]

Bad Honey

SONG PICK: Bad Honey – Circles

Lydia Clowes and Teresa Origone record under the name Bad Honey and whatever association you have with this name, it is probably wrong and far away from the other Bad Honey duo that you may find on top of your search results. There is nothing bad or spoilt about what the two Londoners are doing: their songs are rather sweet, late night reflections for blissful moments where everything feels right.

SONG PICK: Feverist – Arthur’s Hanging [Live] (Video)

Juxtaposing a beautiful melody with a heartbreaking, dramatic story is often done in music but “Arthur’s Hanging” is an especially exquisite example of music’s immense potential when in the talented hands. “Arthur’s Hanging” is the first single by London art-rockers Feverist, announcing an album to come. Fans of the British[…]

Ellen Krauss

SONG PICK: Ellen Krauss – Silver Spoon

There are songs that surprise around every corner. One of them is “Silver Spoon,” the new song by young Swedish musician Ellen Krauss. Starting out as classic singer/songwriter fare with a lone acoustic guitar, you get quickly an inkling that this will not be enough for her soaring vocals. And yes, more orchestral sounds are coming in – but the song does not stop there. Listen for yourself!

SONG PICK: Matt Lovell – Alligator Lilly (Video)

Admittedly, the new single by Nashville singer/songwriter Matt Lovell got me by its title “Alligator Lilly” which simply sounded fun and intriguing. Thanks to a quick search, I now know that this also is a Florida-native flower to be found in wet marshland but this might not be all the[…]

Natalie Boloudis

SONG PICK: Natalie Bouloudis – Expand

The wonderful English singer/songwriter Natalie Bouloudis is back with a new song from her upcoming second EP “Devil is Doubt”. “Expand” is about a power that each of us has: opening your mind, overcome the limits the we set ourselves and see a world of possibilities. The song shows the way into this better headspace with guitar and violin: “I’m not damned, I still stand,” Natalie sings, which might be a good mantra for the time being.

SONG PICK: Wray – Jogging / Neon Forming (Video)

“Jogging / Neon Forming”, the new single by Birmingham-based eclectic indie rockers Wray is beautifully comforting in its lush harmonies and mesmerizing in its built. It manages to transport us back to long lost childhood memories, and the times when synth-pop laden bands became big. Especially the second part of[…]

SONG PICK: Mr. Alec Bowman – Safe Mode (Video)

Ahead of his 11-track album “I Used To Be Sad & Then I Forgot”, British singer/songwriter Mr. Alec Bowman released the quiet and beautiful “Safe Mode”, together with a gorgeous video. Writing and recording songs, putting them all on an album, and releasing it at one point, takes time. With an[…]