Song Pick of the Day




San Mei

SONG PICK: San Mei – In The Machine

Australian musician Emily Hamilton aka San Mei self-produced her latest single “In The Machine” for an big, industrial sound, reminiscent of 90s Depeche Mode. Her airy vocals float over the heavy layers of synth, guitar, and relentless drums and reveal a personal experience of self-reflection. Emily explains: “Once I stepped[…]

SONG PICK: CeaseTone – Continents

A song as beautiful as “Continents” and with a kaleidoscope of feelings does not come along every day. It is the new single by Icelandic singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Hafsteinn Þráinsson, who goes by the artist name CeaseTone. “Continents” is a song that swirls and shimmers, leaving us almost dizzy with[…]


SONG PICK: Laventure – GIVE

Laventure is a duo from Strassbourg, France, who released their debut single “GIVE” last Friday. The song is an immediate ear-catcher: it starts with a weirded-out lo-fi vibe but then meanders into a chill, disco-tinged slow dance track, complete with a cathartic guitar solo. With “GIVE,” the band is on[…]

SONG PICK: Low Island – Feel Young Again (video)

Bright, promising vocals immediately draw us into “Feel Young Again”, the new single by Oxford quartet  Low Island. The soft and pleasing vibe continues throughout the track, evoking the feeling of walking on a beach in the early morning sun. The song’s production is sophisticated indie-pop at its finest! When[…]

Allison Lorenzen

SONG PICK: Allison Lorenzen – VALE (ft. Midwife)

Allison Lorenzen’s solo debut “VALE” is a slow-burning, intense song about a place of darkness. Nothing is too much here: the ghostly vocals, the sparse drums, a distant keyboard, and the fuzzy guitar are carefully placed in the track to create a vibe of desolate loneliness. The Denver-based musician, also[…]

SONG PICK: Sykes – We and Us

The firm piano, the dizzy, jazzy vibe, and the hard to pinpoint ultra-intriguing vocals made us love “We and Us” from the start. “We and Us” is the new single by Rotterdam-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Sykes. The song also marks the title track from Sykes’ upcoming EP “We[…]

Alice Pisano

SONG PICK: Alice Pisano – Crush

If you are in a good mood today, here is a song that helps you celebrate. “Crush”, the latest London via Italy singer/songwriter Alice Pisano is an upbeat power-pop anthem about falling in love head over heels. But as high-flying her feelings are, there also can be too much of[…]


One of the standard ice-breaker questions like “where you’re from?”, singer/songwriter JESSAMYNN likes to answer with “Dallas born, Yankee bred.” While this per se does not describe the artist’s style, it provides a clue for her refreshing sound. JESSAMYNN’s debut single “Gold,” draws from country and pop alike, and mixes[…]


SONG PICK: Ishani – Prefect Life

It has been now almost a year that we have to live in isolation and see much of the world through the screens of our phones or computers. Everybody is in the same boat, so why do others seem to have it so much better? The London-based singer and producer[…]

SONG PICK: Chèlle – Hallucinating You

How about a little time travel, back into the heart of 1987?  With its nostalgic disco sound yet exquisitely modern production, Chèlle‘s new single “Hallucinating You,” immediately spreads feel-good vibes. The Toronto-born singer/songwriter kicks off the new year on a high note with a song as irresistibly gorgeous as “Hallucinating[…]