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SONG PICK: BOURN – Thinking About You

The upbeat and instantly catchy “Thinking About You” tells the timeless story of the lasting pain of breakups but also their profound impact. British singer/songwriter and producer BOURN uses 80s influences to create her own blend of lush, bright and highly appealing electro-pop. BOURN explains her debut single as follows:[…]

SONG PICK: Renay – Inspire Me (Video)

The muse is a double-edge sword for the artist as L.A.-based singer, songwriter and producer Renay reveals about her new song “Inspire Me”: “This song is about how the muse inspires, paradoxically propelling you to create (birth), yet through the intense obsession it devours you (death). An intensely positive rendition[…]

SONG PICK: Leif Erikson – Question Time

The brooding vibe of “Question Time”, the new single by London indie rockers Leif Erikson, receives beautiful uplift thanks to the stellar guitar work reminiscent of Dire Straits and the likes plus the light and airy vocal arrangement. The subject matter though is serious and not only important but crucial.[…]

SONG PICK: Ani Glass – Mirores (Video)

Cornish musician Ani Glass kicks off the year with a new song “Mirores” about “the alignment of ideas, motivation and energy and that rare but illuminating experience of feeling inspired.” Like her older sister Gwenno, she sings in the native language of Cornwall, but the bright, upbeat synth pop track[…]

SONG PICK: HANYA – I’ll Do It Tomorrow

Who can resist the carefree allure and the hopeful promise of tomorrow? Brighton-based quartet HANYA captures exactly that spirit with their new single “I’ll Do It Tomorrow”. The band has the following to say about their laidback and beautifully optimistic track, the second one from their upcoming EP “Seas Shoes”:[…]

SONG PICK: Andy Shauf – Living Room

On January 24 Toronto-based singer/songwriter Andy Shauf releases his new album “The New Neon Skyline” via  ANTI- . Leading up to the new 11-track album is “Living Room”, a song full of promise, depths and wistful longing. The easy guitar strumming in the background provides rhythm and re-assurance, with warm and[…]


Dark, mysterious and cinematic, that is the music of Turkish-American sisters Lia and Lena Göçer, who produce music as LIANA. They released their EP “Cocaine Heart” (Apple Music | Spotify) just before the holidays and its six songs invite into a different world. Among them our previous Song Pick “Hurricane”[…]

SONG PICK: teepee – parallel world

Both sing and both play guitar and together they create beautifully dreamy indie pop as their latest single “parallel world” is proof. Tereza Lavičková lends her sparkling bright vocals and electro guitar chops to teepee, while Miroslav Patočka keeps things grounded with his warm tenor and playful acoustic guitar additions.[…]

Ayane Yamazaki

SONG PICK: Ayane Yamazaki – Angel in Blue

Ayane Yamazaki is a singer/songwriter from Japan who does catchy and delightfully quirky pop music. “Angel in Blue” is the English version of a track on her 2019 Japanese five-track EP “Life” (Apple Music | Spotify). The track artfully blends dream pop sensibilities, dance music and an insane synth line[…]