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Q&A with Duke Of Wolves

Listening to Duke Of Wolves for the first time, I was immediately hooked! This is what the love child of MUSE and Queens of the Stone Age might sound like: big anthemic sound with irresistible melodies, powerful drum and guitar chops, topped off with amazing vocals all around. WHO is this band?[…]


Behind GIUNGLA, Italian for ‘jungle’ and pronounced ‘giùn-gla’, is young artist Emanuela Drei. GIUNGLA has been touring for the most part of this year and will continue doing so, and yet she not only found the time to create new songs but to have  a little Q&A chat with us. To give you an[…]

Q&A with HUNNY

Only a year ago, HUNNY impressed with their debut EP “Pain / Ache / Longing”, featuring five pop-rock gems full of, well, wistfulness but also charming optimism and irresistible hooks. Since then, Jason (vocals, guitar), Jake (guitar), Jacob (guitar), Gregory (bass), Kevin (keys, synths) and Joey (drums), who call California[…]

Q&A with Babygirl

Can only one song make you fall head over heels in love with a band? Yes, it can! There’s magic happening in “Overbored”, our Song Pick of the Day from July 1st. Today, Babygirl, the charming duo behind “Overbored”, have released their four-track EP “As You Wish” and we considered this perfect timing to[…]

Q&A with Black Heart

Black Heart is the solo project of Austrian musician Corina Cinkl. She just has released her debut album “All Is Lost”, a beautiful, dark and melancholic album that evokes The Cure of the “Pornography” era. Listen to the single “Shadows” here: We are excited that Corina took the time to[…]

Q&A with BLAJK

With their alluringly understated indie-pop, BLAJK are easily one of the hottest new bands to come out of Toronto, Canada these days. Just this week, BLAJK released their much-anticipated, amazing debut EP “Limited” of which we featured two singles already: the wistful “Good Liars” as well as the dark and moody[…]

Q&A with Lightcliffe

  It was March, when I first came across Lightcliffe and loved their single “Please Leave” so much, that I made it Song Pick of the Day. During that time and there after, I also had the nicest email conversations with Ben McDowell, Lightcliffe’s guitarist and it was only a matter of[…]

Q&A with Elk + Mammoth

‘Hauntingly beautiful’ comes to mind, when trying to describe Elk + Mammoth‘s recently released EP “Culprit” in only two words. There’s a certain melancholy to it with a sparse, guitar-driven instrumentation, and vocals that are a touch unsettling but at the same time super charming, and simply irresistibly unique. I was immediately hooked when I[…]

Q&A with Egyptian Blue

Egyptian Blue are a spiky quartet from England, who play uncompromising indie rock, with lots of reverb and appreciation for psychedelia and punk. So that’s a great mix right there. Egyptian Blue’s songwriting skills are spot on, and together with intriguingly gritty vocals this all makes up for a compelling sound[…]