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Q & A with Jupiter Deluxe Tube

L. A. musician Darwinn Sato, who records under the name Jupiter Deluxe Tube, is about to release her debut album “Product of Insomnia” with ten dream pop songs where layered synths and guitars evoke the half-wake state of sleepless nights. It will be released not before June 2, but in[…]

Q&A with Trace

Trace is a singer/songwriter from L.A., whose 2016 debut EP “Low” (Apple Music | Spotify) introduced her as an artist who skillfully uses restrained electronics to create a relaxed, pensive vibe in her songs. This year’s new, just released single “Oh My My” is no different and makes appetite for[…]

Q&A with Polar States

When I first listened to “Gold” by Polar States, I knew immediately that I wanted to feature their latest single as our Song Pick of the Day. But why stop at one song if there is a stellar five tracks EP to present as well? Or why not go all the way[…]

Q&A with SPINN

In April alone, we have featured not just one but four songs created by bands from Liverpool, England and so we wanted to know a bit more about at least one of them! We liked “Home” that much that we made it our Song Pick of the Day and can[…]

Q & A with Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell has just released an excellent album “Warriors”, a skillful blend of folk, pop and electronic music. While “Warriors” is only her second full-length, Lisa has been around in Australia making music since her teenage years and has gathered a large following there. Listen to her latest single “Warhol”,[…]

Q&A with Shukura Chapman

Meet Shukura Chapman: born in the U.K., she has lived in New Zealand and is now based in Brisbane, Australia, where she self-recorded her debut three-track EP “Rearview”. Aside from singing, she plays guitar and drums and even the ukulele to stunning effect as witnessed on her single “One by[…]

Q&A with The Eiffels

Ever since I listened to The Eiffels self-titled EP early summer 2015, I was hooked and their songs are a constant and highly welcomed staple in my music rotation. With catchy song titles like “I’m Ready”, “More”, “City All Night” and “I Did It Now” to go with irresistible and passionate high-energy synth-rock, what’s[…]

Q&A with CeaseTone

CeaseTone are an electro-indie-rock band from Reykjavik, Iceland that originated from the solo project of Hafsteinn Þráinsson. I no longer remember how and when exactly I came across their debut album “Two Strangers” which I got instantly enamored with, but when I decided to head to this year’s Iceland Airwaves festival, CeaseTone was the first[…]

Q&A with The Snaz

The Snaz are a joyful and simply super cool indie-rock band from Brattleboro, Vermont, comprised of Dharma Ramirez (vocals, guitar), Nina Cates (bass, vocals), Zack James (drums) and Mavis Eaton (keys, vocals). We are huge fans of the four-piece and saw them live in Austin, for SXSW 2015 and then again in New York, playing[…]