SONG PREMIERE: Barrie Rose – All is Well

At the height of Summer 2018 comes “All is Well”, a song as irresistibly gorgeous as a swim in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea or as stimulating as a joyful potluck BBQ with friends. The latter also picks up on one of the themes that Barrie Rose, the[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Late Guest at the Party – Too Old For This

Founded in Italy, electro-pop quartet Late Guest at the Party are now based in New York and delight audiences with their intelligent blend of 80s disco and contemporary dance and house beats. Their ties to Italy and the European dance scene are still strong and inspired the lush and joyful[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Oriel Poole – Brighter

While the title of the new Oriel Poole single is „Brighter“, it starts in a dark corner, with Oriel seductively whispering in your ear over slithering bass lines and heavy beats. Then, as the song progresses, she is releasing you with lighter notes and swirling synths – after all her[…]


“Loving you is a black, black hole” – a perfect metaphor for a relationship, where one side sucks the other one dry, without ever giving back. Minnesota-based singer/songwriter JØUR has escaped from such a situation: Writing Black Hole was super empowering. After more than a year of on-again-off-again with the[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: The FMs – Extender

“Extender” does not dilly-dally around but makes it unmistakably clear that the setting is out of our usual comfort zone, with its brooding, slightly disturbing sounds, evoking the vibe from “Blade Runner” to “The Fifth Element” and the likes. The futuristic ambience of the song, is also the theme of[…]


Here is a video to get totally lost in with its impressive whirlwind of colors and imagery, and sheer gorgeousness. London-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Andrew Sands, who makes music as SANDS, created something truly sublime with “Waves Calling”. The song is taken from his recently released EP, also titled “Waves Calling” featuring[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Beverly Girl – Change Begins With You

Listening to Beverly Girl, a place like Helsinki, Finland does not easily come to mind more likely hot club scene spots like Ibiza, Cancun or maybe Los Angeles, where the trio will perform tomorrow. Undoubtedly in their repertoire, their brand new single “Change Begins With You”, which we are excited[…]


Singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Simon XO, originally from San Diego, now Los Angeles-based, creates his own version of electro-pop by combining explorative synths, tape loops, electric guitars, sampled drums and at times aggressive vocals. With “My Love” Simon XO makes best use of his skills and produces something very special[…]