With her debut “I’m Not Running You”, MNRØ from Manchester, England entered the music scene with a splash. A very angry splash! Now she is back with softer more reconciliatory “Waves,” even though in the end the song is still about a break up. Musically, she stays the course with elegant future pop that strikes the right balance between current trends and timelessness.


The story behind “Closure” is inspired by personal experiences, Jacque Ryal told us. She is the singer and keyboardist of New York-based electronic, alternative synth-duo RYAL, while collaborating partner Aaron Nevezie is its producer. Songwriting usually comes from a personal place and the story a song tells stands for itself.[…]

Karolina Rose

SONG PICK: Karolina Rose – White Lies (Video Premiere)

“White Lies” is a song full of symbolism: the cleansing forces of truth wash away pretense and deception. The new song by singer/songwriter Karolina Rose may be my favorite yet with its unpretentious but gripping production with elements of drama and suspense. “White Lies” is the last single of Karolina’s second EP “Rosemary” (Apple Music | Spotify) – her second name – which is out today and contains three more previously released songs, including a clever Shakira cover “Objection”.


“Not Over You” is the new single by Dutch artist YVI, and it is irresistibly stunning! With its mesmerizing beats, pace and timing “Not Over You” could be very well a new single by Radiohead with Thom Yorke’s vocals replaced by Diederick Brandsma‘s darker, warmer and equally appealing voice. When asked[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Laurent Bourque – Thinking of You

We are excited to premiere “Thinking of You”, the new single by Canadian indie-pop singer/songwriter Laurent Bourque. The track marks the second single from his upcoming album “Blue hour”, out early next year. “Thinking of You” could be the love child of two great singer/songwriter legends: I am thinking of[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Indi Rose – Lemon Tree

We all need a safe place, where we can retreat to and be ourselves. “Lemon Tree,” the new song by London-based singer/songwriter Indi Rose, leads you to such a place: carried by a gentle guitar line it slowly builds towards a cathartic finale, the moment when things fall into place.[…]

SONG PREMIERE: The Late Innings – Our Secret

Glistening synths waves, grounded by sonorous trumpets build the fundament of “Our Secret”, the new single by The Late Innings. We are excited to premiere the track today and asked Vincent Sinex, the artist behind this project, to tell us a bit more: “This song is about a guy who[…]