SONG PREMIERE: Loveskills – Babylon

The flowing, cascading sounds of a harp greet us upon listening to “Babylon”, the new single by indie electronic artist Loveskills. What initially seems like an odd choice, reveals itself as the only possible one because the ethereal vibe of the harp build the perfect blissful contrast to the restless[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Polyphia – 40oz

Inspired as it is inspiring, playful but also with a hint of restraint, perusing all major elements of modern songwriting, “40oz” is only on the surface a must for guitar aficionados but essentially for music fans across multiple genres because the track simply awesome! “40oz” is the new single by[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Henry Bateman – Received in Me

Listening to “Received in Me” for the first time, what instantly fascinates are the gorgeous melody, the rich vocals and the overall optimistic vibe, yet there is a depth in the lyrics, that asks for further exploration. Singer/songwriter Henry Bateman, based in Gloucestershire, South England, taps into a topic that[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Mars Motel – The Enemy

We are stoked to exclusively premiere “The Enemy”, the debut single by Brooklyn indie rockers Mars Motel. Fans of sophisticated alt pop might know frontman Sarik Kumar as one of the members of dream pop trio Twin Wave. In Mars Motel, Sarik Kumar adds song writing and vocal skills to his[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Impure – Gin & Ice

Ini Edwards and Rob Sparx, the musicians behind the British electronic dance duo Impure, are about to release a new EP on June 3oth via NexGen music. The album holds five captivating tracks, each a little electronic gem in its own rights. There is one song though that took my music[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Gordon Raphael – View From Blue

Don’t judge a book by its cover or a song by its title but “View From Blue” – got me at, well exactly that. While listening to the guitar heavy track for the very first time (hard to remember now after countless repeats), I remember that beautifully warm and fuzzy[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Sera Eke – The Space Between Us

Sera Eke is a new artist from London and we have covered her debut song “Space Between Us” as our Song Pick two weeks ago. Now she complements the track with a completely self-produced video, which adds a gripping, sad story to the already dramatic music. Even though it is[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Shadow Monster – City in My Sailboat

Brooklyn singer/songwriter Gillian Visco goes by the stage name Shadow Monster and she plays her latest single “City in My Sailboat” to an audience of monsters, albeit cute stuffed ones. The video shows an intimate setting that moves from the meta-level of recording a live performance in an apartment to[…]

SONG PREMIERE: The Legends – Riding The Waves

Ladies and gentlemen, the future has arrived! Exuding a nostalgic 70s vocoder and analogue synthesizer vibe while simultaneously sounding like something from the future yet to come, that is what “Riding The Waves” is going for. The galaxy-groovy “Riding The Waves” is the newest single by Sweden’s The Legends (Johan Angergård) and taken from the[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Late Guest at the Party – Give You A Life

The instantly catchy “Give You A Life” opens with pulsating beats and pronounced synths lines, followed by cool vocals. “Give You A Live” is the new single by Brooklyn-based electronic dance-rock four-piece Late Guest at the Party and we are thrilled to premiere the stunning single today. Singer Beth reveals: “Give You A Life” is the[…]