NEW MUSIC: Hero Fisher – Lonely

This is a track that keeps you mesmerized until its dramatic fade-out after around four minutes. I’ve been following London-based singer/songwriter Hero Fisher since last summer and ‘Sylvie was one of my favorite tracks of the year. Good to hear that there is a new album “Glue Moon” on its[…]

Oliver’s Top 15 Songs of 2017

I am a fan of the album format and I don’t believe that albums will die anytime soon or ever. Still, choosing my favorite music in terms of full-length albums feels increasingly restrictive. Much new music is released on EPs and one-off singles. And then, as much as I enjoy[…]

PLAYLIST: Gordon Raphael’s Top 10 – (solo debut album “I Sleep On The Radio” out 10/27/17)

Gordon Raphael is best known having produced The Strokes’ first demos and their debut album “Is This It”.  The rest is history… He also produced the music of “this unkown Russian girl” Regina Spektor. Another huge success. In addition, Gordon Raphael worked with acts ranging from Damon Albarn, Ian Brown, the[…]

glamglare at SXSW 2017

While listening through the long list of artists to play this year’s SXSW Music festival, we identified many favorites we had featured one way or the other on glamglare already. We are very much looking forward to seeing the following acts (and many more!) live: !!!, Alex Cameron, Au/Ra, Banks, CAPPA, Carnival Youth, Chain Wallet, China, Close Talker, Courtesy Tier, Dead[…]