New York City




Angela Sclafani – Bell Jar

New York-based singer-songwriter, performer, and theatre-maker Angela Sclafani released the beautifully bright “Bell Jar,” a song filled with her signature blend of delicate harmonies and indie-rock passion. “Bell Jar” is one of these songs that you can not help but love from the spot. The song’s vibe evokes glistening sunrays[…]

Couch Prints – Impressions

Think yourself on a beach somewhere, listening to the waves crashing in. The magic push and pull is captured in Couch Prints‘ newest song, the beautifully bright “impressions.” And while the constant rhythm is soothing there’s also some fierce counter element to the calming part. Couch Prints, comprised of Jayanna[…]

Cab Ellis – 3 Days Only

Quick, think about what can happen in three days? Or when was the last time you were truly excited for three days straight? Got something? Indie-rock five-piece Cab Ellis have just the song for us with their buoyant and simply gorgeous “3 Days Only.” The single marks the first taste[…]

Anna Sun

Anna Sun – What a Shame

Anna Sun, the Brooklyn-based trio around songwriter Samantha Aneson, does melodic, atmospheric indie rock. Our Song Pick of the Day, “What a Shame,” is a reminder when things don’t work out, you have to accept it – grudgingly, maybe – and move on. “What A Shame,” is the third single[…]

Slow Fiction – Niagara

Whenever I come across “Niagara” somewhere, my thoughts instantly wander to Niagara, the music venue and bar on the Lower East Side, whose North-facing wall once graced a cool Joe Strummer mural. Is it still there? I wouldn’t know because so much has changed over the last couple of years[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Mackenzie Shivers – Island Ave

Mackenzie Shivers might surprise but also delight her fans with the shimmering electronic touches to be found in “Island Ave.” Together with Mackenzie’s enchanting vocals, they lend the track a mesmerizing vibe. The New York singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer does not shy away from widening her range and advancing[…]

SONG PICK: GVosti – I Got You

When New York-based GVosti sings “I Got You,” then she means it in the best of ways, and she means it. All too often we offer support and then the other person never takes us up on it. GVosti’s single took shape in the most difficult of times, and the[…]

SONG PICK: Mars Motel – The Second Sun

So much sweet melancholy that Mars Motel offers us in their newest single “The Second Sun.” By now, the Brooklyn-based indie-rock quartet slimmed down to a duo, comprised of Sarik Kumar and Justin Lieberthal. Since the conception of the “intergalactic, sonic experience” that is Mars Motel in 2017, they have[…]

SONG PICK: Ross Newhouse – Ohio

When a talented singer/songwriter, comfortably at home in the folk music genre, adds electronic elements to his music, magic can happen! Swing States, the new EP by Ross Newhouse proofs this concept right. The production of the three tracks on the EP is stellar, evoking the sound of eclectic folk-pop grandmaster[…]