New York City




SONG PICK: Asha – Exit Strategy

“Exit Strategy” deals with a difficult situation: losing the fight over a loved one to the substances he or she is addicted to. In a calm, intense way, underlined with piano and strings, New York-based singer/songwriter Asha describes the inevitable downward spiral she is caught in and the increasing need[…]

SONG PICK: Mars Motel – Living In The Moment

Leave it to Brooklyn-based indie rockers Mars Motel to create irresistible jangly dream pop because they did it again with the gorgeous “Living In The Moment” – maybe the dreamiest of their singles to date. The band around singer/songwriter Sarik Kumar tends to fascinate audiences when they perform live, not[…]

SONG PICK: GIRL SKIN – Darling (Video)

The new project of Sid Simons, singer and songwriter of Brooklyn band GIRL SKIN, is all about love: he and his girlfriend and muse Foster James are merging creative forces for a split EP “LoveMore”, due out on May 18. After Foster James’ “Skin” (Apple Music | Spotify) last week, Sid[…]

NEW MUSIC: joan – I Loved You First

First there are these little signs, that get more, and they pile up until they can no longer be ignored. The falling out of love. This awful feeling of sensing an end to something beautiful which joan are pondering in their latest song “I Loved You First”. Essentially saying something like[…]

NEW MUSIC: Vinegar Mother – Moon Tomb

Beautifully jazzy, with rich and expressive vocals that tell a story all on their own, “Moon Tomb” is one of those songs that would be fitting in the world’s most famous hotel bars. The exquisitely instrumented and executed “Moon Tomb” is the latest single by Brooklyn-based psychedelic soul-rock quintet Vinegar[…]

SONG PICK: Glassio – Back For More

New York-based duo Glassio delights with their new single “Back For More”, a deliciously joyful indie-pop pearl. Despite the mournful lyrical context -dealing with the aftermath of an ended relationship- the track is unabashedly happiness infusing. It makes you want to jump to your feet and try out a few dance[…]