New York City




VIDEO: Abbi Press – Deep Breath

Watch Brooklyn singer/producer Abbi Press roller-skating through New York City, above and below ground in the video for her new song “Deep Breath”:

SONG PICK: Blak Emoji – Another Club Night

Avid Blak Emoji fans ever since singer/songwriter and frontman Kelsey Warren released “Sapiosexual” two years ago, we got treated to one beautiful pop rock gem after the other. With “Another Club Night”, New York-based collective Blak Emoji might have reached new heights, because this is one exceptionally hot and vibrant[…]

SONG PICK: Joe Wood – Parking Lots

“Parking Lots” brims with feelings of youth and falling in love, when everything was still possible but nothing was ever easy. The irresistibly catchy track is the new single by electro-pop artist Joe Wood and would make a compelling soundtrack addition to any romantic movie, with its anthemic chorus and joyful[…]

SONG PICK: elegant slims – Hemisphere

For now there we have only music and cover art by Norwegian painter Linda Syvestsen from New York artist elegant slims. Everything else around her is a mystery and we learn hopefully more in the months to come. But then, her latest track “Hemisphere” is such an excellent piece of[…]

VIDEO PREMIERE: Deitre – Feeling Good

“Feeling Good” by New York-based glam rock duo Deitre, is a superbly upbeat track, that takes its title seriously and so does the video which we are excited to exclusively premiere today. “Feeling Good” is one of the eleven tracks of Deitre’s last year released debut album and it got[…]

SONG PICK: Sumi – Bullshit Detector

Brooklyn via Japan artist Sumi is calling liars out with her latest track “Bullshit Detector”. What she calls a “comedic theatrical silly dance track” has actually a lot of power: turn up the hammering beat, relentless synths and Sumi’s angry vocals when you’re venting next time about somebody giving you[…]

SONG PICK: Julietta – Smooth Sailing

“Smooth Sailing” is the perfect name for the single and new album by New York singer/songwriter Julietta, not only because it puts the right images in your mind for the season, but also for the music that hits the perfect mix between chill and party vibes. Think pre-sunset at the[…]

PHOTOS: Mars Motel live at Mercury Lounge

Approaching Mercury Lounge on a recent Thursday night, I see a long line of people waiting patiently to get inside the club. No surprise here, since two exciting New York-based bands were about to perform at the longstanding Lower East Side venue. First up were Mayve, a pop rock trio from[…]

SONG PICK: River Hooks – Worth It

“Worth It” is the debut track of new NYC-based singer/songwriter River Hooks. She produced the track herself and proves that she can well resist the temptations of the endless possibilities of modern music production software that makes pop songs often sound so generic. “Worth It” is rather stripped down to[…]