New York City




See you at the New Colossus Festival

Whenever I meet New Yorkers, those who are either born here in the 70s and or earlier or have been living in the city for more than my eighteen, going on nineteen years, they mourn the times when Manhattan was a true musician community. In the 80s or so. Mind[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Rivita – Her Ghost

Singer/producer Rivita has come around in the world before settling in Brooklyn – for now. Like for most people, her life is one of ups and downs and in her new song “Her Ghost”, she calls for embracing that flow and not letting yourself spiral down into becoming your own[…]

SONG PICK: Hanford Reach – Asunder

Mid 80s and early 90s guitar driven post-punk never fully disappeared but it seems to pop up again more often, especially in New York as neo-psych duo Hanford Reach are proof. The sparsely arranged “Asunder” marks the lead single from their just released EP “Nathalie” (stream here). “Asunder” takes the listener[…]

SONG PICK: Blu DeTiger – In My Head

The beat that is in Blu DeTiger’s head starts slowly, almost as a distraction but not before long it turns into a full-fledged high-energy disco party. The message is simple: music can be the best medicine and a good rhythm can indeed drive you forward. Blu is based in New[…]

SONG PICK: She’s Excited! – Drowning (ft. Mimiko)

Our Song Pick of the Day “Drowning” is an elegantly produced future pop track, which builds suspense around every corner. It is the latest single by She’s Excited!, a singer & producer from Brooklyn via Munich, Germany and for this song she worked together with Japanese-American musician Mimiko. This makes[…]