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Excited for… The New Colossus Festival 2020

No event without a playlist and this is especially true for music festivals. And while such a playlist can provide a compelling overview of what’s in store, it can also often make for a rather bumpy ride if the festival in question covers a lot of different genres and caters[…]

SONG PICK: Black Belt Eagle Scout – My Heart Dreams

Oregon-based singer/songwriter Katherine Paul aka Black Belt Eagle Scout has just released her stunning second album “At the Party With my Brown Friends,” on which she plays all the instruments. Listen to the album on Apple Music or Spotify or to the latest single “My Heart Dreams,” our Song Pick[…]

VIDEO FRIDAY: Sophie Colette – Would You Like It

Had I never listened to any of Sophie Colette‘s pop pearls before and never seen the Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter either, then her brand new video “Would You Like It” would seal the deal!  The music video, directed by Karina Vidal, is everything a music, arts and New York loving heart desires.[…]

PHOTOS: glamglare presents for Independent Venue Week: Sophie Colette, Shenna ft. Shihori, Paulina Vo, Nate Qi

In July, we were overjoyed to having been part of something bigger by curating and promoting in accordance with Independent Venue Week (IVW) at one of New York’s long standing independent venues The Delancey. What is IVW about? “Independent Venue Week is a 7-day celebration of small music venues around[…]

PHOTOS: ESS SEE live at Nublu

The East Village club Nublu was a great place for Sarah Cobb aka ESS SEE to present her upcoming album. Both lounge and nightclub the venue reflected the multiple facets of ESS SEE as she moved from singer/songwriter to going wild on the dance floor. ESS SEE’s debut album “Waiting[…]

SONG PICK: The End Of America – Monsters

The band’s name is The End Of America and the song title is “Monsters.” You probably know where this is going and indeed the New York based trio of James Downes, Trevor Leonard and Brendon Thomas voices the sinking feeling that overcomes many of us in their new song. The[…]