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NEW ALBUM: Idgy Dean – Ominous Harminus

Idgy Dean was one of the first shows we saw this Spring at SXSW in Austin. Listed on the schedule as a “one-woman rock band from Brooklyn”, we didn’t quite know what to expect, but it turned out to be one of the best shows we saw at the festival.[…]

Mothica plays first show ever at Palisades

It is exciting to have the opportunity to witness the first show of an artist who probably has a long career in front of her (if she wishes to have one). Mothica from Brooklyn took the stage at Palisades to sing a few songs that will (probably) make it on[…]

Howard gave a heartfelt hometown show at Mercury Lounge

As per their own promise on Facebook: “We try to make our hometown shows count. Don’t miss this one!” Howard delivered yesterday at Mercury Lounge. While I was particularly fond of their mellow, slowly building and immensely catchy Money Can’t Buy, which also ultimately lead to attending this show, I enjoyed the whole set. And[…]

3 Is A Band: Little Racer

I’ve known Little Racer’s music for quite a while but only now, with having lost or dropped their fourth member and with being on Papercup Music, I stumbled across them again. Almost literally, because I saw them in the audience for a show at UO Live Stage on Bedford Ave during Northside Festival. (Williamsburg[…]

3 Is A Band: Monograms

What I love about music festivals like SXSW, CMJ or Northside is not only the broad variety of participating musicians but the chance to see bands who would get lost in the daily mix of a city like New York. With having some “time to kill”, and knowing that Black[…]

TORRES mesmerizes at Baby’s All Right

Living in New York City, going to a live show once if not twice a week, I am rarely star struck. While I am always looking forward to the concert I am going to attend and the musicians I’ll be seeing live, I do not anticipate a show as much as[…]

PHOTOS: Dead Leaf Echo live at Alphaville

Having seen Dead Leaf Echo not even two months ago at this year’s South By Southwest festival, playing old favorites but also some of their exciting new material, I was especially intrigued to see them at a Brooklyn venue, that I didn’t know yet. Last Friday, they played together with The Midnight Hollow, Tiers[…]