New York City




RELEASED TODAY: The Sleeping Tongues – Waiting Room

Brooklyn-based indie-rockers The Sleeping Tongues just released their deliciously funky and highly danceable “Waiting Room” with sexy brass section and all. This is one infectious track and once again showcases the band’s uncanny talent for catchy tunes and their smart execution. Listen to the gloriously groovy “Waiting Room” now: Stream “Waiting Room” on Spotify!

SONG PREMIERE: Late Guest at the Party – Give You A Life

The instantly catchy “Give You A Life” opens with pulsating beats and pronounced synths lines, followed by cool vocals. “Give You A Live” is the new single by Brooklyn-based electronic dance-rock four-piece Late Guest at the Party and we are thrilled to premiere the stunning single today. Singer Beth reveals: “Give You A Life” is the[…]

SONG PICK: Hopper Race – Pop Priest

In New York, there is no a shortage of talented musicians who churn out great tracks and fortunately, these come in all different shapes and colors. “Pop Priest” by Hopper Race is in the blissful pop spectrum, with some crazy catchy hooks in it. What makes “Pop Priest” stand out, are the alluringly[…]

RELEASED TODAY: Beach Fossils – This Year

“This Year”, the new single by Brooklyn-based three-piece Beach Fossils is absolutely gorgeous, there is no other way around! Listening to “This Year” is like floating on a big cloud of fluffy cotton balls or lounging on a super comfy air mattress in a serene mountain lake, taking in the[…]

SONG PREMIERE: Vigil – Mile Wide

Lustrous and soothing piano arpeggios are contrasting beautifully with an underlying melancholic vulnerability in “Mile Wide”. This stunner of fragile beauty is the new single by Brooklyn-based indie-electronic artist Chris Ash, who goes by Vigil. We are thrilled to premiere “Mile Wide” today and are happily drowning in its optimistic sadness, when Vigil’s[…]

SONG PICK: Salt Cathedral – Fragments

With their new single “Fragments”, ahead of their debut album “Big Waves // Small Waves”, the Columbian-born and New York-based  electro pop duo  Salt Cathedral cement their place in the ranks of  the finest avant-garde pop bands and 2017 should be totally their year. Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada, the two enigmatic musicians behind[…]