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SONG PICK: Eighty Ninety – Got Your Message

“Got Your Message” is the gorgeous new single by Brooklyn-based duo Eighty Ninety, consisting of brothers Abner and Harper James. While both are hands-on involved in the production of their songs, it is Abner who sings and Harper who plays guitar.  “Got Your Message” delights with a beautifully upbeat vibe, grounded[…]

NEW MUSIC: Hydrah – Return

Here’s a new one from L.A. via Minneapolis producer Hydrah. She delighted us with infectious dance tracks in the past, but now she goes a somewhat different direction: “Return” is an (almost) instrumental with a strong classical influence. The way the track opens up into a grand soundscape it is[…]

NEW MUSIC: Paperwing – Alone We Walk The Land (Album)

Listen to the album “Alone We Walk The Land” a few minutes and your will have an idea which corner of the world it comes from. Nowhere else than in the Scandinavian countries bright, soaring soundscapes mix so well with dark undertones and a dose melancholy. Put this music on[…]

NEW MUSIC: Xie – Super 8

“Super 8” is not about the vintage film format, but the budget hotel chain, where singer/producer Xie lodges when on the road. While she counts down the nights, the music goes wild: reflective downtimes interchange with crazy dance parties – probably very much like what touring for an up and[…]