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NEW MUSIC: Vinegar Mother – Moon Tomb

Beautifully jazzy, with rich and expressive vocals that tell a story all on their own, “Moon Tomb” is one of those songs that would be fitting in the world’s most famous hotel bars. The exquisitely instrumented and executed “Moon Tomb” is the latest single by Brooklyn-based psychedelic soul-rock quintet Vinegar[…]

NEW MUSIC: Odina – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover)

Covering a song like “Love Will Tear Us Apart” requires courage: the 1979 Joy Division track is iconic and connected with the tragic story of singer Ian Curtis. But London-based singer/songwriter Odina hits the mark. Listen yourself on SoundCloud or Spotify:

NEW MUSIC: Sera Eke – White Room (EP Announcement)

Here at glamglare we have been excited about everything that London-based singer/songwriter Sera Eke has released so far, but her latest track “White Room” might be my favorite. She does quote the German synth pioneers Kraftwerk as an inspiration, so the nod towards their 1983 masterpiece “Tour De France” may[…]

NEW MUSIC: Mellow Gang – Temps

“Temps” is a song that floats around you like a warm stream of air: the U.K. four piece Mellow Gang creates a lush sonic backdrop for a story of the sometimes temporary nature of relationships. Singer/guitarist Harriet Joseph explains: We’ve actually tried to steer away from writing on personal relationships[…]

NEW MUSIC: Sam Frankl – Patina

Opposites attract, which especially holds true in gorgeous tracks like “Patina”, the new single by British indie-pop artist Sam Frankl. The singer’s lush and bright vocals threaten to disappear in the sky, yet are being kept grounded by an earthy, hard-hitting rhythm section. The result? Something truly irresistible: Find “Patina”[…]

NEW MUSIC: Emmy Wildwood – Down Down

“Down Down” may sound light-hearted at first, but L.A. via Brooklyn singer/songwriter Emmy Wildwood tells the a story about “a downward spiral of addiction and self sabotage as coping mechanisms and the inevitable destruction that ensues when we live in denial of our demons”. Tough stuff and by wrapping it[…]

NEW MUSIC: Hero Fisher – Lonely

This is a track that keeps you mesmerized until its dramatic fade-out after around four minutes. I’ve been following London-based singer/songwriter Hero Fisher since last summer and ‘Sylvie was one of my favorite tracks of the year. Good to hear that there is a new album “Glue Moon” on its[…]

NEW MUSIC: Whinnie Williams – Sorry Now

“Sorry Now” is an elegant and laid-back pop song by London-based artist Whinnie Williams that is hard to get out of your head. Whinnie is working on a yet unannounced album. Listen to “Sorry Now” on SoundCloud or Spotify:

NEW MUSIC: Annabel Allum – Beat The Birds

“It’s just another morning” sings U.K. singer/songwriter Annabel Allum in her new song “Beat The Birds” about living carelessly with all the joy and danger that comes with it. She explains: I wrote Beat the Birds during a heightened temerarious period of my life. Riding on moments and not consequences,[…]

NEW MUSIC: Woodes – Golden Hour EP and more

Celebrate Friday with a trifecta of new music by Australian singer/songwriter Woodes, the master of bright, airy productions. First check out her new wonderful single „Origami“, a song as light and playful as the folded paper sculptures of the same name: Second, she has released her second EP with seven[…]