Mondo.NYC Roundup Day 2: Elle Exxe // Negative Gemini

Mondo.NYC, the latest music festival in town is still small, which is a good thing, because you run easily into interesting people at its events. Thursday started off with a party at the office of VR company Littlstar where we met among others Mondo founder Bobby Haber. Maybe, next year,[…]

Mondo.NYC Roundup Day 1: Echoic // The Lulls

By now it should be clear to everybody: CMJ is not happening in 2016, after a continuous run for 35 years. But we have Mondo.NYC in its inaugural year in town, which may replace or complement CMJ. Who knows? Kudos to the organizers to pull off a major conference and[…]

NEW TRACK: Negative Gemini – Rollercoaster

Three weeks before the release of her debut album “Body Works” Negative Gemini releases another track “Rollercoaster”, which features less vocals and reminds me more of her earlier work. Negative Gemini plays a Mondo.NYC showcase at Bowery Electric on September 15th.