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PHOTOS: High Waisted Live at Rough Trade

When we recently asked High Waisted about their favorite decade in our Q&A feature, Jessica Dye (vocals, guitar) answered: “The 1970s in London so I could be best friends with Viv Albertine, Chrissie Hynde and Vivienne Westwood and shop at Sex. I’d play punk rock and wear Dr Martens and[…]

PHOTOS: Statues of Liberty Live at Arlene’s Grocery

It started out very romantic, how we happen to know about Statues of Liberty and became avid fans in the process: in the summer of 2007, we were invited to celebrate the wedding of a friend in Upstate New York. Said friend, a musician, married another musician and the festivities[…]

PHOTOS: Dead Leaf Echo at Knitting Factory (Album Release)

Today, I came across the posting of a musician friend who asked her friends/fans “of the bands/artists you’ve seen live, who put on the best show and why?” and the conversation she had initiated on her ‘timeline’ were very well all about (super)stars shows like Björk or Depeche Mode and White[…]

glamglare’s MONDO.NYC must-see picks

Last year, MONDO.NYC hit the New York music scene for the very first time and is heading into round two, starting October 4th. While MONDO.NYC is still a fairly small festival with roughly 180 participating artists, they come from all over the United States, Europe and Australia and this means a[…]

PHOTOS: Courtesy Tier live at Rough Trade NYC

Courtesy Tier create superbly crafted, blues inspired indie rock and it is always a special treat to see the trio live, even more so when they take one of Brooklyn’s finest stages. Recently, Courtesy Tier played Rough Trade NYC and once again delighted old and new fans alike with their[…]