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PHOTOS: SXSW Day 4 Roundup

At every SXSW there comes the point where it is hard to keep up with the daily posts. But here they are, with a little delay, the photos of day 4. Follow us along for more impressions on Twitter or Instagram under @glamglare.

PHOTOS: SXSW 2018 Roundup Day 3 – glamglare showcase

Countless hours of preparation, but on Wednesday the day of our showcase has finally arrived. We had a blast! Big thanks to everybody who could come out. Check out a few photos below – our full coverage will be up soon. Follow us along for more impressions on Twitter or[…]

PHOTOS: SXSW 2018 Day 2 Roundup

Tuesday was a day that felt like it had 100 hours. That Austrian lunch with Leyya, wasn’t it a week ago? That’s SXSW, so do more things on a day than usually in a week and still miss most of the festival. We’re still lagging on seeing live music, but[…]

PHOTOS: SXSW 2018 Day 1 Roundup

Coming from the North East Coast, experiencing a few days of early spring in Texas has almost as much allure as the some 2,000 we can see here at SXSW. The Austin weather doesn’t make it easy though: we were greeted with chilly wind albeit under a glorious blue sky.[…]

PHOTOS: Me Not You live at Brooklyn Steel

The New York duo Me Not You of Nikki Taylor and Eric Zeiler arose from the pop trio Little Daylight with a brand of synth pop that is more glitter and heavier on guitars. That makes them a good fit for electronic music legend Gary Numan whom they opened for[…]

PHOTOS: Argonaut & Wasp at Alphaville

Great music alone doesn’t make a great show and a great venue like Brooklyn’s Alphaville certainly helps yet it is great performers who ensure a fantastic experience. In short, Argonaut & Wasp were freakin’ awesome when they played Alphaville BK to an appreciative audience of friends and old and new[…]

Dream Wife live at Baby’s All Right

About a year ago Dream Wife, a trio from Iceland and the U.K., was maybe my most exciting discovery at Iceland Airwaves. We couldn’t make it to Reykjavík this year, but Rakel (vocals), Alice (guitar) and Bella (bass) came over to Brooklyn for a one off show at Baby’s All Right. If anything, their show became even wilder and had a special moment, when singer Rakel asked the women in the audience to “take their space” in the front rows. Then they performed “Somebody”, a song that resonates strongly with the current news: “You were a cute girl standing backstage // It was bound to happen.”