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PHOTOS: MOTHXR live at Pianos

The shows I usually go to, hold a nice balance between female and male audience. Granted, there are  shows that  appeal more to one or the other but usually it’s somewhat evened out. Not totally to my surprise, this was quite different on Wednesday at Pianos. The 160 people venue was[…]

Blonde Redhead live at Music Hall of Williamsburg

The thing with Blonde Redhead is that they have been around for 21 years, since 1993. That is long before the Internet became mainstream and even longer before anybody could think of how technology would change music and the rest of the world. Much of the the audience (Elke and[…]

Ugo live at Spike Hill

There’s increasingly less time left to see and hear some great music on Bedford Avenue’s Spike Hill, yet luckily I cought a really cool act past Saturday: Ugo from Boston – a project fronted by Chris Lee. There were five people on stage: two singing and rapping vocalists, a drummer,[…]

Gazelle Twin live at Rough Trade

For a long time, Gazelle Twin, the multi-media project of Elizabeth Bernholz, was brought to stage only for rare occasions. But for her latest album Unflesh, she embarked on a long tour, which finally brought her to New York. It was clear that Gazelle Twin’s live show would center around[…]

Monogold live at Glasslands

And another one of these events, were the great met the sad: Monogold were re-releasing their atmospheric first album The Softest Glow on vinyl and with that, also their new material on an an EP called In Bloom. Not only did they come with tons of songs, old and new,[…]

Close Talker live at Spike Hill

Earlier this week, when listening through the new album releases, I discovered Flux by Close Talker – which I reviewed here. It’s a great album, and I couldn’t believe my luck that coincidentally with coming across the album, the band is also touring and playing at one of my favorite[…]

Warpaint live at Webster Hall

At one point, Emily announced that this would be last last show in NYC for some time. It may look like they never stop touring, she said, but they would stop soon. Somehow, this kind of sentiment hung in the air on Tuesday night at Webster Hall: a long, successful[…]

Warpaint at Prospect Park Bandshell

While Warpaint’s social media streams were buzzing with excitement about their gig at Glastonbury, they still had a job to do in Brooklyn on Thursday: a free show for the Celebrate Brooklyn series. At that is not shabby either: up to 7,000 people fit into the area and as far[…]

Twin Wave live at Spike Hill

There’s no shortage of great music in New York City, especially Brooklyn these days. Formed in 2013, Twin Wave are starting through full force in 2014! After a four weeks residency at Arelene’s Grocery, Twin Wave are now performing at other venues throughout the borrows, and I was lucky enough[…]

Strange Talk live at Music Hall of Williamsburg

While listening through the songs of hundreds and maybe a thousand and then some bands, Strange Talk stood out with their sunny, catchy, upbeat music. I was smitten from the spot, and had their EP Strange Talk on constant rotation on Rhapsody Music. In the end, I missed Strange Talk[…]