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glamglare picks for Northside Festival 2018

Northside Festival celebrates its 10th birthday, which alone is already quite an accomplishment. Congrats! While some things have evolved and changed over time, like for example there is no longer a film part, or free shows at McCarren Park, there is still a rather impressive Innovation conference going on, and of[…]

PHOTOS: Frida Sundemo live at Elsewhere Zone One

Elsewhere Zone One is a rather intimate venue, but if you closed your eyes at Frida Sundemo’s show on May 17, you could easily imagine her standing in front of a 50-piece orchestra at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Her uplifting power pop with titles like “We Are[…]

PHOTOS: Smoke Season Live at Rough Trade NYC

In our era of having the world on our finger tips via smart phones’ intelligence, it is no longer easy to get utterly surprised yet exactly that happened to me and probably some others in attendance. Without having heard a single song of Los Angeles-based duo Smoke Season, I found myself[…]

PHOTOS: Rich Aucoin Live at Elsewhere Zone One and his #PressOn Tour

Attending a live show of Nova Scotia-based musician Rich Aucoin is not simply “attending” a concert, with clear set boundaries like stage and ground floor, or artist and audience. It is experiencing a spectacle and that does not even describe what is really going on during one of Rich Aucoin’s live[…]