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PHOTOS: Fifi Rong live at Latitude 30 (SXSW)

Fifi Rong is a London-based singer and producer who does lush and dramatic synth pop songs. She is a sought-after collaborator and toured for example with Swiss avantgarde pop pioneers Yello. But her solo shows are no less a delightful experience: on stage she has a charming and enchanting personality[…]

PHOTOS: Dead Leaf Echo Live at Iron Bear Bar (SXSW)

Seeing Dead Leaf Echo live is always a treat, hands down. The show they put on for this year’s SXSW at Austin’s Iron Bear Bar was one for the ages, though! When approaching the venue, which is located up the hill on 8th street, we could already hear our favorite Brooklyn[…]

PHOTOS: Marie Davidson at Hotel Vegas (SXSW)

Electronic musician Marie Davidson commands the stage. Literally. Before the show she demanded the music should be louder and near the end of the show she waved away the police who wanted to enforce the 2 am curfew: “I’m not done yet!” They gave in and let her play “Adieu[…]

PHOTOS: Winter Live at Hotel Vegas (SXSW)

The Thursday night at Hotel Vegas during this year’s SXSW featured all kinds of shoegaze and psychedelic music and ergo was a must-be-place for any fan of this indie-rock sub-genre. Without ever having heard before of LA-based Winter, I got immediately into the groove of things when Samira Winter and[…]

PHOTOS: Idgy Dean Live at The Parlor (SXSW)

Brooklyn singer/songwriter and “one-woman psychedelic rock band” Idgy Dean was one of the most exciting discoveries at SXSW 2014, so we were more than thrilled to learn that she would perform this year off the official music track. While still sticking to her guns of guitar, drums and loop pedal, Idgy Dean has[…]

PHOTOS: Desert Mountain Tribe live at Mohawk (SXSW)

Remember your birthdays as a child? When you were hoping with all your heart to receive the present you wished so much? And when it didn’t happen? But eventually, you got what you wanted because your grandma or granddad took pity on you and gave you what your heart desired?[…]

PHOTOS: Sundara Karma Live at Rough Trade NYC

Sundara Karma, are an exciting indie-rock quartet from Reading, England who create dreamy guitar driven sound with infectious hooks and rather unique vocals. While I wanted to see the four for a while, it hasn’t worked out before but finally it did, a week ago when they played Rough Trade NYC. Despite[…]

PHOTOS: Sexores live at Iron Bear Bar (SXSW)

Sexores is a shoegaze, dream pop three piece fronted by Emilia Bahamonde, who calls both Ecuador and Barcelona, Spain their homes. Listen to their latest EP “Red Rooms” (Apple Music | Spotify) and let the music fill your head. Listen to “Daywalkers”: Enjoy photos from their show at the Iron[…]

PHOTOS: Elle Exxe Live at Tellers (SXSW)

Elle Exxe is a Scottish singer, songwriter and producer, who creates delicious pop songs, performed with verve! While we already totally enjoyed her live show last year for Mondo.NYC (review here), we were blown away by experiencing her live with a full band! Linda Harrison, who goes by Elle Exxe,[…]