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LISTENING PARTY: Super Paradise – Quençebo

Originally, I wanted to feature “The F.C.” as Song Pick of the Day but after listening to the track a few times more, and then the entire album, I knew that stopping at the first track wouldn’t do in this case. Italian/English psych-grunge rockers Super Paradiso have just released their 8 tracks debut album[…]


Dream Wife is a three piece from London with one Icelandic member, which makes them eligible for our Airwaves Top Pick list of local artists. Alice, Bella and Rakel do straight-forward guitar-driven pop/rock with party-starter qualities, but this used to be part of a greater art concept until their career[…]

LISTENING PARTY: Spaces of Disappearance – There Is No Loss EP

Chicago singer/producer Elaine HD aka Spaces of Disappearance balances icy electronics with full, warm vocals. I could witness her great live performance at last year’s CMJ, so I’m happy to hear some new material: her second EP “There Is No Loss” contains three new tracks, including the single “No None”,[…]

LISTENING PARTY: Linying – Paris 12 EP

Singaporean singer/songwriter Linying does slow-burning, chills-inducing ballads and each of them has enough intensity to stop you in your tracks. Five of them together, like on the debut EP “Paris 12”, are even more of a special experience: you just want to close your eyes and let yourself be carried[…]

LISTENING PARTY: L. $hamPain – To Kill a Mocking Girl EP

“To Kill a Mocking Girl” is EP number four by the prolific Texan singer/songwriter L.$hamPain. She describes the songs as pages from her notebook, set to minimal electronics, pianos and her haunting vocals. My favorite is maybe “Zoe’s on a Freight Train”: it evokes the association of a scene in[…]

LISTENING PARTY: Cappa – Queen of Hearts

“You can be my next ex-boyfriend” is all Nashville singer Cappa is willing to offer to that cool guy in the ’69 Mustang in the opening cut “Next Ex”. She is also able to show her romantic side, as witnessed in some of the other songs of her 5-track debut EP “Queen of[…]


San Francisco artist K.Flay takes the listener on a journey in only four songs: you may think the heavy and dark “Blood in the Cut” sets the tone, but it isn’t so. In “Hollywood Forever” she lightens up, albeit only musically. Lyrically she sticks with a persona full of self-doubt[…]

LISTENING PARTY: Rynn – Nightfires

Here at glamglare we love albums and EPs as they allow spending more time with the work of a particular artist. However, finding that time is often hard with the constant onslaught of new music. That’s why we are launching our new category “Listening Party” to showcase EPs and albums we[…]