Life Soundtrack




THROWBACK: Anarchic System – Popcorn

Let’s go back way into the 70s. When listened to Doldrum’s new album, the track Loop reminded me on a song that I remember from way back. It took me a while to figure it out: the track’s name was Popcorn, an iconic electronic instrumental released in 1972. The French[…]

THROWBACK: Siouxsie And The Banshees – Christine

When thinking of a song for glamglare’s weekly segment “Life Soundtrack”, I instantly thought of Siouxsie, of Siouxsie And The Banshees, because I’ve been musing a lot about female voices this week and just yesterday compared Emma Ruth Rundle’s voice with Siousxie’s when reviewing the new album by Marriages. And when thinking[…]

THROWBACK: Saga – Wind Him Up

More from the early 80s: the Canadian Band Saga was extremely popular in Germany and I remember their ’81 album Worlds Apart, which Wind Him Up is from, was traded heavily on the school yard. Saga was also the second concert of my life. In the end, the drummer threw[…]

THROWBACK: The Cure – A Forest

A Forest is a wonderfully simple song: a simple, repeating melody, a drum machine, some guitar and Robert Smith’s voice make for a dark, melancholic and a little menacing mood that immediately sticks to your mind. A Forest came out 1980 on the Cure’s second album Seventeen Seconds, but I[…]

THROWBACK: Ideal – Eiszeit

Here’s another throwback to the early 80s: The Berlin band Ideal) with their first hit single Eiszeit (Ice Age). Ideal was one of the early bands of the Neue Deutsche Welle and represented the more punk branch of the movement. Looking at it today, they combined heavy guitars with Kraftwerk-like[…]

THROWBACK: Liaisons Dangereuses – Los Niños Del Parque

Another favorite song with a relentless synthline, two years before Anne Clark, is Los Niños Del Parque by the German band Liaisons Dangereuses. It also features my all-time favorite snare drum sound (better to be heard in the recorded version. I heard the song the first time on the portable[…]

THROWBACK: Howard Jones – What Is Love

In preparation for this segment, I find myself doing exactly what I’ve been doing 32 years ago: listening to What Is Love on repeat. For the fourth time by now, to be precise. For me, it has not lost it’s luster and the theme of the song is timeless anyway. We[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Warpaint – Exquisite Corpse

The first time I heard about Warpaint was in fall 2010, weeks before the release of their first full length album The Fool. I immediately checked my streaming service and found their 2008 EP Exquisite Corpse. It’s a big EP with six songs, totaling in 34 minutes and I fell[…]

THROWBACK: Anne Clark – Our Darkness

I love songs driven by relentless synth and drum lines and one could argue that Anne Clark, together with her co-writer David Harrow invented them in 1984 for the song Our Darkness. Anne (not to be confused with Annie Clark, who records as St. Vincent) introduced a unique style of[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: The Strokes – Is This It

Lately, I’ve been referencing The Strokes too often to not finally come back to them for glamglare’s LifeSoundtrack series. By the time, The Strokes have put out their first album, Is This It in July 2001 (click on the link to read about the album cover controversy), I lived already in[…]