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Q&A with Penelope Isles (#airwaves19)

Even before we saw Brighton-based quartet Penelope Isles live for the first time during this year’s The New Colossus Festival in New York, we were already fans of their beautifully crafted indie rock. Founded by singer/songwriter siblings Lily and Jack Wolter, the band consists further of Becky Redford (bass) and[…]

Q&A with Laveda

Laveda is based in Albany, New York and has only released two singles so far, but this duo is definitely up to something. Ali Genevich and Jake Brooks take classic shoegaze as a cue and craft energetic, fresh indie rock tracks. Listen to “Dream. Sleep.” and “Better Now”. Read on[…]

Q&A with Cream with a K

Lee Tatlock aka Cream with a K is a multifaceted artist, who grew up in Japan and recently relocated to the U.K. At least for a while. Her music and videos still show a strong connection to Japan, where she learned the makings of a pop star in the pop[…]

Q&A with Twelve Ballet

We have been following the music journey of siblings Sam and Ben Hope aka Twelve Ballet for more than two years and were enamored with pretty much everything they have put out. Their music hovers right at the edge between folk rock and synth pop and you never quite know[…]

Q&A With Cat Turner & HOST

For more than a year, we have been following Cat Turner and HOST, two emerging musicians, who are pushing the boundaries of electronic pop music in Ireland. Despite their different approaches, it was not surprising that they not only know each other but are even long time friends. So we[…]


The German capital Berlin is one of the music hot spots in the world and not just for electronic and dance music, but for an array of other genres as well. Musicians here also have a lot of resolve to experiment: music made in Berlin tends to defy genre boundaries[…]

INSIGHT: I Am Boleyn tells us Five of her Musical Influences

“Limit of Love” is a beautifully flowing synth-pop song where songwriting and production feel effortless. The graceful ease of the track raises the question, how did London-based singer/songwriter Lydia Edmunds aka I Am Boleyn arrive there? Lydia was so kind to provide us with some insight to who the musicians[…]

Q&A with Vök (#airwaves18)

Today, Reykjavik’s music festival Iceland Airwaves released their official app, on which attendees can favorite the bands they want to experience live. There is also a function that lets you see who has been “scheduled” the most and it comes as absolutely no surprise that Icelandic indie-electronic trio Vök currently holds[…]

Q&A with EinarIndra (#airwaves18)

Two years ago, EinarIndra basically kickstarted Iceland Airwaves for us, taking us under his spell with his show, the first one we saw in Reykjavik. There is something very particular and mesmerizing about the Icelandic brand of indie electronic music, and EinarIndra’s is especially moving. We met EinarIndra again on[…]

Q&A with Holy Nothing (#airwaves18)

A music festival like Iceland Airwaves allows for unexpected music discoveries yet also holds room for long(er) time favorites. In fall 2015, Holy Nothing released their exquisite electro pop album “Hypertext”, which made us want to see them live when they played SXSW the following year. And while there was no[…]