Life Soundtrack




LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Spliff – 85555

In true PRE-web spirit, there’s unfortunately no website for Spliff, one of the most famous and influential bands of the Neue Deutsche Welle (German New Wave) era, active from 1980 until 1984. Before Spliff, they were performing as Nina Hagen Band. In their formation as Spliff, Herwig Mitteregger (vocals, drums), Reinhold Heil (vocals, synths), Manfred Praeker[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Man Parrish – Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop)

This song was on a mixtape (a real one on cassette), which had an enormous influence on my relationship with music (it also included Run-D.M.C’s It’s like that). I didn’t own or copied it, but somebody played it on a school summer camp and that is still a defining moment[…]

Life Soundtrack: Imagination – Just an Illusion

I can’t think of any other song that teleports me to a certain time and place in the same way as Just an Illusion by the British band Imagination. It was ’82 and I was with my dad on vacation on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. There was a road[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK Kraftwerk – Die Roboter

I think I heard this song first 1979 in music class. We were asked to bring some cassettes to be played in front of the class and a fellow student brought Kraftwerk’s Die Roboter. The kids back then were divided between classical music (those who learned instruments) and 50s rock’n’roll,[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: David Bowie – Let’s Dance

This morning iTunes 80s radio played a Bowie song, which sparked the idea for this throwback. I’ve never been too much of a Bowie fan – I saw him live once in the 90s at a summer festival in Ulm, Germany, which was touted as one of his last shows[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Poesie Noire – Verge of Tears

I didn’t know anything about Poesie Noire when I bought this record in 80s – I was just on the hunt for alternative electronic music, which mostly meant to browse a bin in the back of the records store. Maybe I realized at that time that they were from Belgium,[…]

LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Icehouse – Primitive Man

I am undoubtedly firmly rooted in 80s music, mainly British 80s music, with stating U2, Tears for Fears or Depeche Mode as my favorite bands back then and today still. While I’ve seen those three live, each of them even several times at smaller and at bigger venues, like Olympiahalle in Munich[…]

THROWBACK: Heaven 17 – The Luxury Gap

In my opinion, The Luxury Gap by Heaven 17 is one of the best albums if the 80s. It’s not timeless, it’s clearly rooted in the decade, but it one hooky track after the other, hitting exactly the sweet spot between accessible and experimental. That makes it a great listen[…]

THROWBACK: RAH Band – Clouds Across the Moon

There was a time in the late 80s when everybody seemed to be obsessed with this song. It came out of nowhere – It hasn’t been in the German charts (although it peaked at 6 in the UK charts in 1985) – and was traded on cassettes. And even I[…]