Q&A with The Cheap Thrills

To the day one month ago, The Cheap Thrills from Liverpool have released their exuberant video “Party” and my reaction to it was a mixture of sadness and joy! While Lewis Pike (vocals, guitar), Anton Eager (drums), Terry Eaves (lead guitar) and Callum Fitzpatrick (bass) have been visiting New York[…]


Q&A with Mïrändä

It is more than three years ago that we heard about Mïrändä for the first time and could not stop listening to her debut EP “Empire”. We were blown away, to say the least by the New York-based singer, songwriter, and producer and were excited to see her live at (almost) three of our showcases.

With three new songs and two videos released, we thought of this being a great opportunity to ask Miranda Johnson, who makes music as Mïrändä a few questions. Be sure to check out her latest video – entirely filmed by the artist herself – before you read on!


Q & A with talker

talker is the stage name of Celeste Tauchar, who has grabbed us with her energetic pop music full of catharsis since her debut single “Collateral Damage” in summer 2018. On March 6, she released her second EP “Wax” – the same day the cancellations around the SXSW festival in Austin began, where she was scheduled to appear. At glamglare, we were looking forward to finally see a talker show live, but instead, we do the next best thing: a Q&A to learn more about Celeste and her music.

The New Colossus Festival – Day 1

This is the time of the year where we usually immerse ourselves into music full time with SXSW, and since last year also [The New Colossus Festival](https://www.newcolossusfestival.com) in our hometown. Of course it is different this year: SXSW is not happening, and it is hard to engross into anything other than… well, you know what. But to say it with one of the artists, Siv Jacobson, who traveled nonetheless from Europe to play at New Colossus: “Music always helps.” And so we double down on what we always do: find new music for you and write about it, as a reminder that life is going on and there is still a lot of beauty to be found out there.

Excited for… The New Colossus Festival 2020

No event without a playlist and this is especially true for music festivals. And while such a playlist can provide a compelling overview of what’s in store, it can also often make for a rather bumpy ride if the festival in question covers a lot of different genres and caters[…]


Q & A with Detalji

One of the changes that the outgoing decade brought to music is the rise of singer/producers who do everything themselves, from writing, recording to performing live. Among these artists is Krista Myllyviita aka Detalji from Helsinki, Finnland, who creates dark synth pop with roots in electronic dance music. We fell[…]

Photos and Impressions of Iceland Airwaves 2019

Every early November and now in its 21st year, Iceland Airwaves attracts a good 150 musicians to play the festival and more than 6,000 concert goers who want to see these acts perform in Reykjavik. The festival takes the Keychange commitment seriously in ensuring a noticeable gender balance. This being[…]

Q&A with W. H. Lung (#airwaves19)

You might have come across W. H. Lung on glamglare (or elsewhere) before, because we truly dig the Manchester three-piece,  whose sound is a mix of krautrock, post-punk and synthpop. Much to our delight, they are scheduled to perform at this year’s Iceland Airwaves and hence we reached out to[…]

Q&A with Penelope Isles (#airwaves19)

Even before we saw Brighton-based quartet Penelope Isles live for the first time during this year’s The New Colossus Festival in New York, we were already fans of their beautifully crafted indie rock. Founded by singer/songwriter siblings Lily and Jack Wolter, the band consists further of Becky Redford (bass) and[…]

Q&A with Laveda

Laveda is based in Albany, New York and has only released two singles so far, but this duo is definitely up to something. Ali Genevich and Jake Brooks take classic shoegaze as a cue and craft energetic, fresh indie rock tracks. Listen to “Dream. Sleep.” and “Better Now”. Read on[…]