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Excited About: Emirae – Reckless EP

EMiRAE is a four-piece band based in Bath, England and their debut EP “Reckless” features five tracks of beautiful melodic and reflective dream pop in the veins of Warpaint and Daughter. Listen to “Reckless” on Spotify or Apple Music:

EXCITED ABOUT: L. $hamPain – Color And Light

Following L. $hamPain’s body of work is like a journey to a not yet known genre: you know that she will arrive at an exciting place, but you can’t tell where that will be. “Color and Light”, her seventh EP in less than two years, continues on the path of[…]

Excited About: Polyphia – The Most Hated (EP)

Dallas-based instrumental four-piece Polyphia creates a rather unique guitar, rhythm and bass heavy sound, taking cues from jazz, R&B and hip hop and blending them all together into something new and truly exciting! They just released their new EP “The Most Hated” and we had the great joy and honor to exclusively premiere[…]


Kyndyl Miller is a classically trained pianist and holder of music degrees, but she also masters the art of creating intelligent and catchy electro-pop that defies the usual clichés. Under the name Kyyn she released five songs on an excellent self-titled EP. Listen to “Kyyn” on Apple Music or Spotify:

EXCITED ABOUT: Slowdive – Slowdive

Slowdives’s dreamy shoegaze is the kind of music that lifts you up and carries you away on soft, thick guitar layers. The English five-piece called it quits for 22 years, but here they are again with an excellent self-titled album. Listen to “Slowdive” on Spotify or Apple Music:

Excited About: Ellen Allien – Nost

Some techno music can is like an influx of pure energy. Put it on headphones and its relentless, repetitive and slowly changing beats will drive you forward. “Nost”, the new album by Berlin electronic producer Ellen Allien is an excellent case in point. Enjoy!

EXCITED ABOUT: The Woman With No Head – Unearthed

The Woman with No Head is a French guitarist, who experiments with alternate tuning and electronics to create ethereal soundscapes. Her latest release “Unearthed” takes you onto a journey into space with unknown destination. Put it on headphones and drift away with the music.

Excited About: Birch – Not Human (EP)

There is something remarkable to the way Michelle Birsky, singer and songwriter in the Brooklyn duo Birch delivers the songs on their latest EP “Not Human”: the four tracks feature bright, soaring vocals and synths, yet the lyrics speak of disorientation and social dysfunction. That increases the the impact of[…]

EXCITED ABOUT: Mothica – Heavy Hearted EP

“Heady Hearted” is the second EP by Brooklyn singer/producer Mothica, who has created her own brand of catchy but edgy pop music that avoids the pitfalls of over-production and pop cliches. And then there are her unique, powerful but vulnerable vocals. Listen to “Heavy Hearted” on Spotify or Apple Music:

EXCITED ABOUT: Wall – Untitled

After the 30 minutes of music on the debut album “Untitled” by the Brooklyn four-piece Wall, the wild drumming, wild guitar lines and singer Sam’s intense no-nonsense vocals may make you think that the band wants to shove their world view down your throat as efficiently as possible. But beneath[…]