Spaces of Disappearance’s mysterious show at Leftfield (CMJ)

Earlier today I wrote about Grimes and her stunning live performances, but she’s not the only one who masters the fine art of electronic solo live performances: Elaine Davis from Chicago, who goes as Spaces of Disappearance on stage, combines cool electronics with a powerful, soulful voice. We saw her[…]

Idgy Dean gave a mesmerizing performance at Pianos (CMJ)

There’s no denying that we totally dig the music of Idgy Dean, who recently released her debut album titled Ominous Harminus (see our review here).  I was lucky enough to catch Idgy Dean play an early afternoon show, upstairs at Pianos for the Audiofemme and Atypical Sounds CMJ showcase. Seeing Lindsay[…]

Song Pick of the Day: Lara Snow – Creatures of the Night

At every festival like CMJ, there seems to be one artist we run into on almost every day. This year, I’m delighted that it was Lara Snow, an electronic singer songwriter from Tel Aviv, who we met several times. CMJ is over, but she’ll play another show at Pianos next[…]