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EXCITED ABOUT: Overcoats – Young

You only need to listen a minute or so into “Father”, the opening track of the debut album “Young” by Brooklyn-based duo Overcoats, to enter their musical world: the vocal harmonies come from folk music, but instead of an underlying lovely acoustic guitar line, there is a carpet of industrial[…]

NEW ALBUM: A Victim Of Society – Freaktown

“Freaktown”,  the sophomore album by A Victim Of Society is nothing short but phenomenal! From the first track “The Quick and The Dead” to the album’s title track “Freaktown” there is lots of fuzzy, psychedelic guitar bliss, at times with more punk and metal elements even (the rhythm, the focus) and with vocals[…]

EXCITED ABOUT: Fufanu, Moon Duo, L. $hamPain, Ten Fé

Lots of new full-length albums and EPs came out today and we are especially excited about the following new releases: Fufanu – Sports With the three stunning singles “Bad Rockets”, “Sports” and “Liability” ahead of their second full-length album “Sports”, the Iceland trio Fufanu kept the anticipation high. After my[…]


Alone thinking of Australia, the continent and country makes my heart jump in joy. Seemingly endless summer days, gorgeous beaches with breath-taking landscapes, super nice and easy-going people and great music, really awesome music… And proof of the latter is Sydney producer POOLCLVB who just released his debut EP “You + Me”, a[…]

NEW EP: King Neptune – A Place To Rest My Head

There is something refreshing and simply gorgeous about a straightforward modern rock song. No frills, no unnecessary bells and whistles, but a solid structure, a good story to tell, pleasing instrumentation and great vocals. “A Place To Rest My Head”, the recently released EP by King Neptune, offers exactly that:[…]

NEW ALBUM: Bess – Mooncore

Most music follows centuries-old patterns (which are rooted in physics), so it is fascinating to hear when those rules and conventions are broken and rearranged. A new beautiful record of this kind is “Mooncore”, a seven track, 34 minute piece by Copenhagen, Denmark artist Bess. When harmonies and rhythms no[…]