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EXCITED ABOUT: Fufanu, Moon Duo, L. $hamPain, Ten Fé

Lots of new full-length albums and EPs came out today and we are especially excited about the following new releases: Fufanu – Sports With the three stunning singles “Bad Rockets”, “Sports” and “Liability” ahead of their second full-length album “Sports”, the Iceland trio Fufanu kept the anticipation high. After my[…]


Alone thinking of Australia, the continent and country makes my heart jump in joy. Seemingly endless summer days, gorgeous beaches with breath-taking landscapes, super nice and easy-going people and great music, really awesome music… And proof of the latter is Sydney producer POOLCLVB who just released his debut EP “You + Me”, a[…]

NEW EP: King Neptune – A Place To Rest My Head

There is something refreshing and simply gorgeous about a straightforward modern rock song. No frills, no unnecessary bells and whistles, but a solid structure, a good story to tell, pleasing instrumentation and great vocals. “A Place To Rest My Head”, the recently released EP by King Neptune, offers exactly that:[…]

NEW ALBUM: Bess – Mooncore

Most music follows centuries-old patterns (which are rooted in physics), so it is fascinating to hear when those rules and conventions are broken and rearranged. A new beautiful record of this kind is “Mooncore”, a seven track, 34 minute piece by Copenhagen, Denmark artist Bess. When harmonies and rhythms no[…]

NEW ALBUM: Emotional – Emotional

Experimental electronic duo Emotional have released their self-titled debut album today and I love it. Plain and straightforward. Maybe a little bit like the album itself because it comes without any frills or superfluous. The album is more on the minimalistic and sparsely instrumented side but that is already a big part of its appeal.[…]

NEW ALBUM: The Hecks – The Hecks

The Hecks are an industrial, dark post-punk, noise trio from Chicago consisting of Andy Mosiman (guitar, vocals), Dave Vettraino (guitar, vocals) and Zach Hebert (drums,vocals) and their spectacular self-titled debut album dropped today. Bright, jangly guitars that stand in stark contrast with the dark, hypnotic vocals and the more noisy, industrial overall vibe. While[…]