SONG PICK: Fifi Rong – Awake (EP Announcement)

Our Song Pick of the Day has a wonderful flow with its smooth synth lines and almost whispered vocals, like the stream of consciousness in the state between being awake and asleep. “Awake” is the title track of the upcoming 4-track EP by London-based singer/producer Fifi Rong, due out next[…]

NEW MUSIC: Blushing – Weak EP

Double husband/wife quartet Blushing has a new EP “Weak” out! Founded by Christina Carmona (vocals, bass) and Michelle Soto (vocals, guitar) and reinforced by Noe Carmona (guitar, keys) and Jake Soto (drums), the Austin-based band does floating, guitar-driven dream-pop. Listen to title track “Weak” on SoundCloud: Listen to the EP[…]

NEW MUSIC: Negative Gemini – Bad Baby EP

Lindsey French aka Negative Gemini comes from danceable, beat-heavy music, but she has more in mind than just providing a soundtrack for a night out in the club. That was obvious in her excellent 2016 debut “Body Works” (Apple Music | Spotify), but even more in her new EP “Bad[…]

SONG PICK: Patawawa – Patagonia (Bedroom EP)

Thank you, Patawawa! Songs like “Patagonia” and the other four tracks of their debut EP “Bedroom” is exactly what we need at the top of this year. These disco-tinged, upbeat pop songs make you immediately feel the heat, like on a dance floor in a club or a summer night[…]

NEW MUSIC: Danielle Martin – Wanderlust EP

Big voice soul music often comes with big productions, but New York singer/songwriter Danielle Martin chooses a refreshingly humble and intimate approach for the seven songs of her debut EP “Wanderlust”. This fits well to the themes of the EP, which Danielle describes as “love and heartbreak“ and the need[…]

NEW MUSIC: Jule Vera – A Vera Merry Christmas EP

This is the season to hear the same songs over and over, so why not add new versions of some of the most-played classics to the mix? Alabama five-piece Jule Vera has something for you: fresh-sounding, irony-free recordings of “Last Christmas”, “All I Want For Christmas” and “Sleigh Ride”. Singer[…]

NEW MUSIC: The Rigs – World On Fire (Album)

My gateway to The Rigs was the track “The Hunted”. Otherwise, to be very honest, I might not have listened past the first track “The Brave”, which points rather to big stadium glam rock complete with a big synth bridge. But with the beautifully haunting melody of “The Hunted” in my head, I was intrigued. And indeed, starting with track two which is “Fault Line”, the album takes a sharp turn: one hears Caitlin Parrot’s vocals for the first time and they stay with us for the remaining six songs. Still, musical diversity is the key for The Rigs’ debut album “World On Fire” and that makes it such a delightful listen: rock, pop and electronic are thrown together with different recipes and in the end there is even a pull-out-your-lighter (or cellphone) moment in “When We Were Young”, which features additional vocals by DeAnte Tyree Duckett.

NEW MUSIC: Nala – Woman EP

Nala is an band from Sweden, who does unapologetic, stadium-ready alternative rock anthems, like the closer and title track of their new EP “Woman”. No wonder that they played several festivals in their home country this summer and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear a lot more of them next year.

NEW MUSIC: Sgrow – Circumstance EP

One of my favorite discoveries this year is the Norwegian electronic duo Sgrow. Their tracks “Is Anybody Where They Want To Be?” and “Feel Something” were our Song Picks of the Day and we also featured the video for “Kismet”. Now their debut EP “Circumstance” with four more dark and[…]