NEW MUSIC: Candace – New Ruins Album

Oregon, the home state of dream pop trio Candace and “New Ruins”, their second album both spell summer for me. And that is exactly what we need here in the Northeast right now. But in any case, “New Ruins” is a laid-back, uplifting listening experience for all seasons. Listen to[…]

NEW MUSIC: Me Not You – Reckoning 2

Out today is the second part of Me Not You‘s “Reckoning”, an EP with six more excellent songs that showcase their signature guitar-heavy, melancholic pop-music. Check out the new single “Chemical Cure” on SoundCloud: Listen to “Reckoning 2” on Spotify or Apple Music: (Photo by glamglare – Me Not You[…]

NEW MUSIC: Woodes – Golden Hour EP and more

Celebrate Friday with a trifecta of new music by Australian singer/songwriter Woodes, the master of bright, airy productions. First check out her new wonderful single „Origami“, a song as light and playful as the folded paper sculptures of the same name: Second, she has released her second EP with seven[…]

NEW MUSIC: Bryde – To Be Brave (Album announcement)

London-based singer/songwriter Bryde has been winning me over with reflective but intense indie rock for almost two years and I’m happy to report that her debut full-length “Like And Island” is ready to be released on April 14 (pre-order here). The slow-building opening track “To Be Brave” gives you a[…]

NEW MUSIC: Me Not You – Surfers (EP Announcement)

Here’s another stunner by Me Not You, ahead of the release of their new EP “Reckoning 2” on March 2. They often used it as the opener at their U.S. tour last fall supporting Gary Numan. I just love the opening lines of the song: royal blue ocean dunes and[…]

SONG PICK: Fifi Rong – Awake (EP Announcement)

Our Song Pick of the Day has a wonderful flow with its smooth synth lines and almost whispered vocals, like the stream of consciousness in the state between being awake and asleep. “Awake” is the title track of the upcoming 4-track EP by London-based singer/producer Fifi Rong, due out next[…]

NEW MUSIC: Blushing – Weak EP

Double husband/wife quartet Blushing has a new EP “Weak” out! Founded by Christina Carmona (vocals, bass) and Michelle Soto (vocals, guitar) and reinforced by Noe Carmona (guitar, keys) and Jake Soto (drums), the Austin-based band does floating, guitar-driven dream-pop. Listen to title track “Weak” on SoundCloud: Listen to the EP[…]

NEW MUSIC: Negative Gemini – Bad Baby EP

Lindsey French aka Negative Gemini comes from danceable, beat-heavy music, but she has more in mind than just providing a soundtrack for a night out in the club. That was obvious in her excellent 2016 debut “Body Works” (Apple Music | Spotify), but even more in her new EP “Bad[…]

SONG PICK: Patawawa – Patagonia (Bedroom EP)

Thank you, Patawawa! Songs like “Patagonia” and the other four tracks of their debut EP “Bedroom” is exactly what we need at the top of this year. These disco-tinged, upbeat pop songs make you immediately feel the heat, like on a dance floor in a club or a summer night[…]

NEW MUSIC: Danielle Martin – Wanderlust EP

Big voice soul music often comes with big productions, but New York singer/songwriter Danielle Martin chooses a refreshingly humble and intimate approach for the seven songs of her debut EP “Wanderlust”. This fits well to the themes of the EP, which Danielle describes as “love and heartbreak“ and the need[…]