SONG PICK: Sampson – Damned

“Damned if we do, damned if we don’t,” an unpleasant, but probably familiar situation that Sampson, a singer/songwriter from Halifax on the Canadian east coast describes in her latest single “Damned”. It is one of 12 songs on her debut album “Dark Sky Nights” (Apple Music | Spotify), which she[…]

NEW MUSIC: Sofi Tukker – Treehouse

There are two things to report about our favorite dance music duo Sofi Tukker: First their debut album “Treehouse” is out, packed with hit songs like “Johny” or “Fuck They”. Second, their new single “Baby I’m A Queen” tackles the use “Baby” as a nickname, which happens to be the[…]

NEW MUSIC: Abi Wade – Beautifully Astray (album)

The cello is the main instrument of Brighton-based singer/songwriter Abi Wade, but there is a lot more going on on her debut album. Her song feel like miniature worlds in itself, brimming with ideas. Like her new single “Reasonable Doubt”, which she describes as follows: I imagine a twisted &[…]

NEW MUSIC: Young Galaxy – Down Time album & Frontier video

Young Galaxy was responsible for two of my favorite songs last year and tomorrow finally their new album “Down Time” comes out. While the Montreal-based duo has been around for a while, “Down Time” is a new start of making music independently on their own label. To celebrate the occasion,[…]

NEW MUSIC: After London – After London EP

Four catchy but edgy indie rock tracks can be found on the self-titled debut EP by U.K. five-piece After London consisting of singer Francesca Ward together with Byron Ward, Will Ward, Jake Palmer and Alex Tiffany. Listen to single “Waiting for You” on SoundCloud: Check out the EP “After London”[…]

NEW MUSIC: Montaigne – Glorious Heights album

Montaigne is from Australia and has been making a splash down under since the release of her debut album “Glorious Heights” in 2016, which has been now released worldwide. If you like high-energy, feel good power pop, this is the album for you: Checkout the wonderful single “Because I Lover[…]

NEW MUSIC: Candace – New Ruins Album

Oregon, the home state of dream pop trio Candace and “New Ruins”, their second album both spell summer for me. And that is exactly what we need here in the Northeast right now. But in any case, “New Ruins” is a laid-back, uplifting listening experience for all seasons. Listen to[…]

NEW MUSIC: Me Not You – Reckoning 2

Out today is the second part of Me Not You‘s “Reckoning”, an EP with six more excellent songs that showcase their signature guitar-heavy, melancholic pop-music. Check out the new single “Chemical Cure” on SoundCloud: Listen to “Reckoning 2” on Spotify or Apple Music: (Photo by glamglare – Me Not You[…]

NEW MUSIC: Woodes – Golden Hour EP and more

Celebrate Friday with a trifecta of new music by Australian singer/songwriter Woodes, the master of bright, airy productions. First check out her new wonderful single „Origami“, a song as light and playful as the folded paper sculptures of the same name: Second, she has released her second EP with seven[…]