Kerri Martin

NEW EP: Kerri Martin – Haunting Me

Kerri Martin is a young musician from Orlando, Florida who has a refreshingly bold approach to pop music. “I am so happy to be living in an age where I can create complete tracks in my bedroom,” she says, but instead of crafting the abstract electronic soundscapes that dominate today’s pop music, she sticks to guitars and keyboards – she plays both herself – and produces a sound reminiscent of a big studio full of session musicians in the 80s.

Albums of the Week

New Album Releases

DMAs – Glow NZCA LINES – Pure Luxury Moscow Apartment – Better Daughter (EP) Drinker – They Don’t Want To Know (EP) Juliet July – Palm Trees in the Mist (EP) James Humphrys – Memory Palace (EP)

Juliet July

SONG PICK: Juliet July – Gone

“Palm Trees in the Mist” evoke immediately strong images in your mind. This is the title of the six-track debut EP of Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter Juliet July, which creates a similar intriguing sonic picture. With restrained, chill future pop sounds and soulful vocals Julie takes you on a laid-back journey through different emotions.


A good four years ago, we came across Blak Emoji , became friends, and have been seeing Blak Emoji live whenever we could and were overjoyed when Blak Emoji joined our showcase lineup for Northside 2016. There are no live events happening these days but so are other important events[…]

Ally Evenson

SONG PICK: Ally Evenson – Not So Pretty

Our Song Pick of the Day is the title track “Not So Pretty” of the debut EP of Detroit-based singer/songwriter Ally Evenson. The earthy folk rock song sets the stage for a wondrous journey through Ally’s musical world that takes you to a few quite unexpected places. Like much of pop music, “Not So Pretty” is about overcoming a dark chapter in Ally’s life.


SONG PICK: Tatum – Bloodsport

The title song of the debut EP “Bloodsport” by South African singer/songwriter Tatum is a soaring ballad about the fact that love cannot exist without pain – a perfect topic for her dark, soulful and dramatic music.

Maddie Jay

SONG PICK: Maddie Jay – Shakes

Summer is going to be different and restricted this year, but music is always there to help. Enter a collection of swirling, lighter-than-air pop songs by L.A. via Canada singer, songwriter and producer Maddie Jay. “Mood Swings” is the title of her debut EP which deals with the change of the environment after her move to California.