It Hugs Back – Slow Wave

What I love most about Slow Wave, the new album by the British four piece It Hugs Back, is the chilled and overall highly laid-back vibe. Especially in songs like Somnolence or Anyway, Matthew Simms’ vocal and guitar style remind me of a few 90s favorites of mine. Listening to his voice, I have for example Huey[…]

NEW ALBUM: Zhala – Zhala

I’m In Love was my unofficial favorite song of last year: I just love how it builds, very much like the titular feeling, with anticipation, anxiety and joy until it fades out in uncertainty. After this song opening, Zhala’s debut album it is a challenge to hold that level. On[…]


OLYA is a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, NY who had previously released an EP with the support of a guitar-driven six piece band. For her new EP, Utopia however, she plays almost all her music herself on her computer with only a few acoustic instruments mixed in. Looking for comparisons, Utopia[…]

New Album: Pale Honey – Pale Honey

Sometimes there’s an album that sounds familiar from the first second on – even if it’s a debut from newcomers like the Swedish duo Pale Honey. I just feel at home with Tuva Lodmark’s vocals, which I could listen to for hours, the sparse, melodic guitar lines and some subtle[…]

NEW ALBUM: Emika – Drei

Once you start counting your albums, it is probably difficult to stop – although Emika may run out of languages for her next release: Drei is German for three and consistent with her chosen home of Berlin, Germany. Consistent is also the music on it, in a good way. She[…]


I saw TORRES live not even two months ago, and it was kind of a resounding experience. I didn’t know what to expect, but certainly not to be absolutely blown away at 1:00 AM -and counting- in a presbyterian church in Austin, TX. Mackenzie Scott, who chose to go by the artist[…]

NEW ALBUM: Speedy Ortiz – Foil Deer

Earlier this year during South by Southwest one thing to note were the many rock bands around female singer/songwriters making a big splash. While I unfortunately missed Speedy Ortiz, I saw bands like Torres, Bully and Wolf Alice, who rock a similar vibe. I like it when poetry is no[…]

NEW MUSIC: Secret Admirer – Pale Shelter

Secret Admirer is a self-described Black Metal formation from Montgomery, Alabama comprised of Heinali Finney, Matt Finney and Andrew Helsinski. Pale Shelter is certainly not typical for the metal genre as I know it. There’s a massive wall of ambient noise with drums buried under it and a narrator who[…]

3 Is A Band: Go!Zilla – Sinking In Your Sea

Go!Zilla are an exciting three piece from Florence, Italy comprised of Luca Landi (vocals, guitar), Fabio Ricciolo (drums, vocals) and Mattia Biagiotti (vocals, guitar). Upon reading the line-up respectively the instrumentation, it becomes clear that Go!Zilla are forgoing the classic punk three piece set-up with guitar, bass and drums, but play with two guitars[…]

NEW ALBUM: Hannah Cohen

I really like this album. The opener Keepsake sucks me right in and then it goes on for seven more songs, full of melancholy and rich electronic textures. Hannah Cohen is a singer/songwriter from New York via San Francisco. Pleasure Boy is her second album and out now on Bella[…]