Three Albums Made by Two People Coming Together

Two people coming together to make music is a staple in pop music these days, often as a collaboration of a singer and a producer. The three duos presented here go beyond that and create their music truly as a unit. Is it coincidence that they all are based in[…]

Three New Albums from Berlin

Alice Phoebe Lou – Paper Castles A large part of Berlin’s vibrant music scene is made up by artists who are not actually from there, but deliberately chose the German capital as their place to live and work. Alice Phoebe Lou hails from South Africa, but moved to Berlin years[…]

Three New Albums from Singer/Songwriters

Discover three new albums from musicians based in Ireland, New York and Los Angeles. Two are built around guitars, one around a piano. But all are personal and from artists who want to control their music themselves. Rosie Carney – Bare Just in her early 20s Ireland-based singer/songwriter Rosie Carney[…]

Three New EPs with Different Angles on Synth-pop

Synth-pop is a vast genre and the endless possibilities one has these days with hard- and software invite to constant experimentation and invention. The second installment of our Three (or more) Albums series highlights three EPs which convey quite different vibes. Gwendolyn Dot – Mystic Responsibility Indianapolis-based producer Gwendolyn Dot[…]

Five 2018 Albums (Made by Women) You Should Add to Your Library Now

2018 is in the rearview and after all best-of-the-year lists have been published, we are looking forward to what kind of new music 2019 will bring us. But why not have a look back to what you might have missed last year? Music does not age that fast, a good[…]

SONG PICK: Callow – Go Down

“Go Down” is a song from the new album “Mothdust” by Callow. The title is perfect for what is going on here: the San Francisco-based duo of Red Moses (vocals, guitar) and Sami Knowles (keys, drums, backing vocals) develop their music around heavy, earthy guitar lines that weigh down on[…]

NEW MUSIC: She Makes War – Brace For Impact (Album)

Here’s another one from Bristol, England: Laura Kidd does epic indie rock under the name She Makes War. Her new album “Brace For Impact” comes with 12 well-crafted, guitar-driven tracks, such as “London Bites”, about the difficulty to reconcile your dreams with the realities of a big city as a[…]

NEW MUSIC: Paperwing – Alone We Walk The Land (Album)

Listen to the album “Alone We Walk The Land” a few minutes and your will have an idea which corner of the world it comes from. Nowhere else than in the Scandinavian countries bright, soaring soundscapes mix so well with dark undertones and a dose melancholy. Put this music on[…]