Iceland Airwaves




SONG PICK: East Of My Youth – Mother

This one is a little older, but Iceland Airwaves is approaching quickly and the electronic duo East Of My Youth is surly on our must see list. “Mother”, their second song, is a glittering bright synth pop piece, after the darker, more intense “Only Lover”. An EP with hopefully more[…]

NEW TRACK: Konni Kass – Time

“Time” by Konni Kass is highly addictive because of the track’s tranquil flow, the delicate melody and its simply irresistible beauty. Konni Kass are a quartet calling the Faroe Islands their home, playing this year’s Iceland Airwaves and that’s how we found out about them in the first place. Listen to the alluring “Time” which[…]

VIDEO: Fufanu – Sports

Experimental post-punk band Fufanu is about to release their second album, after their critically acclaimed debut “Few More Days To Go” in 2015. As an appetizer to what to expect from the follow-up comes the absolutely mesmerizing “Sports”, the title track of the equally named album to drop later this year. Fufanu[…]

SONG PICK: CHINAH – Can’t Remember How It Feels

The waiting has an end! Following their superb debut EP “Once the Lights Are On” released early this year, Danish electro-pop trio CHINAH follow-up the high expectations with the glorious “Can’t Remember How It Feels”.  The new single sports an effortlessly laid-back vibe, shimmering synths-lines and bright vocals put to mesmerizing effect.[…]

VIDEO: GANGLY – Holy Grounds

Gangly are an Icelandic trio who make ethereal electronic R&B. Formed in 2014 by Sindri, Jófríður and Úlfur, Gangly have already gained a lot of attention after releasing their first single “Fuck with someone else”. The visuals to their newest single “Holy Grounds”, are as calm and intriguing as the track[…]

Q&A with CeaseTone

CeaseTone are an electro-indie-rock band from Reykjavik, Iceland that originated from the solo project of Hafsteinn Þráinsson. I no longer remember how and when exactly I came across their debut album “Two Strangers” which I got instantly enamored with, but when I decided to head to this year’s Iceland Airwaves festival, CeaseTone was the first[…]

NEW ARTIST: Milkywhale

Milkywhale is a new Icelandic music project, a collaboration between singer/dancer Melkorka Sigríður Magnúsdóttir and FM Belfast‘s Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson. They are among the artists to play this year’s Iceland Airwaves and with that much buzz around their live shows on our list of must-see-acts. Listen to the excellent synth-pop track “Goodbye”:[…]

SONG PICK: Soffía Björg – I Lie

Our Song Pick of the Day is another track from Iceland: “I Lie” by Soffía Björg, a fierce rock song that falls somewhere between Americana and punk. “You lie”, then “I lie” she shouts, telling the story of a relationship of broken promises. Soffía is playing Iceland Airwaves this fall.

NEW ALBUM: Samaris – Black Light

We couldn’t be more excited about going to the Iceland Airwaves festival this fall, which showcases Icelandic music together with alternative acts from all over the world. Iceland’s music scene (like their soccer team recently) is much bigger than one wound assume in a country with a population of just[…]