SONG PICK: Cryptochrome – CLOUD

Not shy of using elements from different genres to create the music they want, Cryptochrome take beats from hip-hop, add some heavy industrial vibes, mix in female singing vocals, plus some rapping male and female vocals and voila! something absolutely fresh and exciting has been made with “CLOUD”. This latest track is taken from the six[…]

3 Is A Band: Warm Graves

Despite their rather morbid band name, suggesting grinding death metal or the like, Warm Graves, based in Leipzig, create sound that is more mellow than agitating. Yes, the trio’s sound is deep and dark, but they call their music sci-fidelic-rock and their debut album “Ships Will Come”, released on This Charming[…]

PHOTOS: Doomsquad Know How to Enchant at Elysium (SXSW)

I’m listening to Doomsquad on SoundCloud while reflecting on their mind-blowing amazing live performance almost two weeks ago at Austin’s Elysium, the perfect venue by the way to see a band of Doomsquad’s caliber! For me, Doomsquad’s sound can get best described as the playfulness of Talking Heads meets the virtuosity of LCD[…]

SONG PICK: Fufanu – Your Collection

So, you thought you can put this Monday already behind you, winding down, drinking tea… think again. Here come Fufanu from Reykjavík, Iceland (the country known for Björk, incredibly awesome landscape, the Airwaves music festival and more). “Your Collection” is our Song Pick of the Day and it’s like Front 242 and[…]