Q&A with Hildur (#Airwaves2018)

During our first Airwaves experience two years ago, it took a few days to become acclimatized with the unique vibe of the festival. But by Saturday, we had it down and ventured out to Bryggjan Brugghús, a micro brewery and brunch joint to see Hildur. It was an experience you[…]

Q&A with Berndsen (#Airwaves2018)

Many contemporary bands create 80s-tinged pop music but a lot of them shy away from the label and would not wear it on their sleeves. Not so Icelandic musician David Berndsen who creates his beautiful blend of (analog) synth-pop under the moniker Berndsen, and is not afraid to talk about his[…]

VIDEO: Between Mountains – Into The Dark (#Airwaves2018)

One of the best parts of preparing for Airwaves is discovering new music. It is no secret that Iceland has an incredibly diverse, high quality music scene, so behind every name you have never heard about on the festival lineup could be your next favorite act. We don‘t know much[…]

SONG PICK: Boniface – Dear Megan (VIDEO) (#Airwaves2018)

Listening through all the new announcements for Iceland Airwaves 2018, I fell immediately and thoroughly for “Dear Megan” by Winnipeg-based artist Boniface. The song is beautifully upbeat, equipped with an instantly catchy hook and feel-good vibes. I reached out to Micah Visser, who goes by Boniface, to find out more about[…]

Q&A with Axel Flóvent (#Airwaves2018)

Next up in our Iceland Airwaves 2018 pre-coverage is singer/songwriter Axel Flóvent, whom we are looking forward to seeing live this year. Born in the small and remote fishing village Husavik, Iceland, Axel Flovent now lives in Brighton, U.K. We reached out to Axel and he was kind enough to provide answers[…]

Q&A with Mammút (#Airwaves2018)

Flights and hotel room are booked, more than 200 Icelandic and international acts are announced, and so anticipation for Iceland Airwaves 2018 is getting in full gear. We start our pre-coverage with one of our favorite Icelandic bands, the fabulous Mammút, who we didn’t see on their home turf yet[…]

Iceland Airwaves 2016

Slightly jet-lagged we were climbing up the stairs to the bar of the Loft Hostel. There, the German singer/songwriter Josin was playing her beautiful, quiet songs. In front of her were people lounging on the floor, behind her, painted on the wall, was the logo of Iceland Airwaves 2016. We[…]

PHOTOS: Fufanu Put on a Show to Remember at Harpa for Iceland Airwaves

Fufanu are without a doubt Iceland’s most exciting experimental post-punk band and if there was still proof needed, their show at Harpa Silfurberg for Iceland Airwaves 2016 was it! Granted, a posh and huge venue (capacity 800) and a large stage with a great light show are obvious ingredients for an overall impressive[…]

PHOTOS: Cryptochrome Set the Bar High for Iceland Airwaves at Húrra

Let Iceland Airwaves 2016 begin! Admittedly, the first day of the five days long music festival was less packed than the other days yet this did not mean less music or less cool music. In the contrary! The Icelandic/British/German trio Cryptochrome took the stage at Húrra at exactly 8:00 pm and gave an incredible[…]