VIDEO PICKS: Cherry Blaster, Chloe Rodgers, French For Rabbits, Pixey



VIDEO PICKS: Cherry Blaster, Chloe Rodgers, French For Rabbits, Pixey

Cherry Blaster

Iulia Ciobanu, singer and songwriter of Toronto-based trio Cherry Blaster, muses about getting older and crossing a significant threshold in “New Age.” The video, an inspired pink dream, is directed by Isaac Roberts.

Watch the video now:

Chloe Rodgers

We can always rely on U.K. singer/songwriter Chloe Rodgers to come up with good videos. For her latest song, “Bones,” director Kate Lomas skillfully mixes performance and narrative elements in color and black & white.

Watch the video now:

French for Rabbits – Walk the Desert

Another cut-off of French for Rabbits upcoming album The Overflow, is the beautifully moody “Walk the Desert.” The New Zealand band delights with masterful storytelling and quirky, often surprising videos. (We’re fans!)

Asked about the last take from the album, front-woman Brooke Singer  says:

“Walk the Desert” is another song that fits into the canon of this album – it’s about big feelings, and trying to keep them contained. That feeling that if someone asks if you’re alright, you know you’d burst into tears.

The album is about to drop on November 12th, and Singer offers:

The Overflow is our album for introverts and deep thinkers – it is sort of a constellation of all the different ways in which someone can be anxious. I’m worried about the future, wistful for the past, concerned about my friends and family, having social anxiety at parties, baffled by Donald Trump’s presidency, loathing of social media, and grieving the degradation of our environment. Sounds like a total downer…but I promise it isn’t!

She continues:

Perhaps it is more like a warm blanket. I’m really delighted with what we’ve made, very proud of our creation. I hope it finds its way into the right hands, and people give it a chance to sink it…I want people to listen to it loudly. Not quietly in the background…it’s an album for introverts, but it isn’t an introverted album.

Curious? Let’s pre-order the album here, and watch the video now:


Liverpool-based performer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Pixey just released her fabulous EP titled Sunshine State on Chess Club Records. With six tracks on the EP, “Heaven” marks the last one, rounding everything up. The beautifully lush and atmospheric video is created by frequent collaborator Marieke Macklon. Pixey says:

“Heaven” is one of my favourite tracks from the record. It felt good to play almost everything on the track & also be able to produce it exactly how I had always heard it in my head. It was the first track I have had live strings on too which was amazing to put together. It’s a ballad written from the perspective of someone who’s no longer here, hoping for one person to always love them. I wrote it for a member of my family who passed away, so it definitely means a lot to me.

Watch the video now:

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