SONG PICK: la loye – White Summer



La Loye

SONG PICK: la loye – White Summer

In her quote below, Dutch singer/songwriter Lieke Heusinkveld aka la loye reveals that she does not like summer much, for unclear reasons. Her new song “White Summer” details these feelings in a beautiful, shimmering, and slow-building pop song. Maybe she will find her appreciation for the warm season. Maybe not, as she explains:

“I’ve never really felt comfortable in summer. I can often feel very gloomy and melancholic during this particular time of the year and it always seems to create a distance between me and the rest of the world. As if everything is covered in a layer of thick white mist, making it difficult to connect with anything or anyone besides myself. On ‘white summer’ I’m sort of torn between trying to reconnect and accepting that this feeling might be a part of who I am.”

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(Photo: Sabine Rovers)

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