SONG PICK: Namesake – Hole In The Wall (Video)



SONG PICK: Namesake – Hole In The Wall (Video)

We know New York post-punk rockers Namesake for a good while but back then it was under their former name Honduras. The name change was initiated when co-founding member Tyson Moore left the band during the 2020 pandemic but instead of calling it quits, the remaining members created their second album Redeeming Features, out now on Get Better Records. When Namesake’s frontman Patrick Phillips made New York his home, it was caused by a combination of Bob Dylan and basketball, and the scene at Bushwick’s indie venue Shea Stadium pushed him to complete the band’s lineup with Josh Wehle on drums and Paul Lizaragga on bass.

The band creates all their videos themselves and their latest one is a magnificent love letter to New York, and DIY venues in particular -without actually showing one. Shot, directed, and edited by Wehle, the music video offers scenes around Washington Square Park and the Marcy Avenue subway stop, complete with subway soundbites. All dressed in cinnamon-colored suits, the visuals evoke David Byrne from the Stop Making Sense era. Musically, “Hole In The Wall” reminds me of some of my favorite Chicago bands like Deeper, The Hecks, or Disappears. Sparse instrumentation, with a moody feel juxtaposed by an overall bright and positive vibe.

Asked about the album, Phillips says:

For me, dealing with a lot of panic attacks, a panic disorder, and agoraphobia, it’s almost the sensation of going into the album with a racing heart. the last lyrics in that song were written a week before I started therapy. The confusion I was dealing with this album is just so present. It’s interesting to listen back to and there’s some radical honesty happening. And that’s what the whole album is about.

The radical honesty comes true already alone by talking so openly about it. This hopefully also encourages others to seek help and not shying away from it. Phillips continues:

There’s just something beautiful about attacking really heavy lyrical matter, but at the same time, you can tap your foot along to it,” says Phillips. “You’re able to acknowledge things about yourself and to be truthful. But you have to tell your story with a smirk, because we all have our own stuff to go through. It can’t be too self-serious! You definitely have to be truthful with yourself.

The entire album is fantastic and tonight’s album release show at TV Eye will certainly be stunning too. For now, watch the video and enjoy “Hole In The Wall,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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