SONG PICK: APRE – You (Video)



SONG PICK: APRE – You (Video)

Experimental duo APRE share “You,” a glorious and engrossing follow-up to their earlier release, the stunning “All Mine.” The newest cut from their upcoming album “A001,”  is like a warm, fuzzy blanket that we’d reach out for, now that the weather gets cooler again. The nine-track mixtapes record is scheduled to drop on February 1st, 2022. APRE is Charlie Brown (lead vocals, guitar, drums, keys, synths, bass, programming) and Jules Konieczny (backing vocals, guitar, keys, synths, bass, programming, drums), and Charlie says about “You:”

This is about the realisation that you have to now live your life without the person who made your life worth living. It questions whether it was the right decision to choose to lose someone so dear to me, and the feeling of being alone. I find the coming and going on different relationships and what they bring to our lives fascinating, as we are all fundamentally plagued by loneliness, it’s part of being human.

Listen to “You,” our Song Pick of the Day, and check out the video too:

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Photo credit: Isy Townsend

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