SONG PICK: River Hooks x Haunted Continents – Can’t Stay Sober



River Hooks & Haunted Continents

SONG PICK: River Hooks x Haunted Continents – Can’t Stay Sober

River Hooks is one of our favorite singers/producers in New York and she teamed up with James Downes aka Haunted Continents. James, also known for his work in the East Coast folk-rock band TEOA. He and River take different approaches to music, but for “Can’t Stay Sober,” they mix their styles and vocals perfectly. The song’s subject is as unusual as its production: not a confession of a substance addict; it is rather about the yearning for special moments induced by chemicals or otherwise. River & James explain:

“‘CAN’T STAY SOBER’ is that late night feeling of being alone and wanting to escape through the motions of being inebriated. Whether you are sedated or not, it’s wanting an uncontrollable itch to be scratched, but the feeling is constant. The “high” is for the listener’s interpretation, as it could embody a person or any vice one might be dealing with. To achieve that high you’d do almost anything to feel something humanly possible and when you do feel it, that moment of embracement is euphoric.”

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