SONG PICK: Helaine Vis – Ice (Video)



Helaine Vis

SONG PICK: Helaine Vis – Ice (Video)

Breakups are hard on both sides, no matter who initiates them. Polish singer/songwriter Helaine Vis tells this story from the point of view of somebody who is haunted by empathy with the person being hurt more. “Ice” is a quiet, reflective song from Helaine’s debut album “Pretty Cliché,” out on October 29 on Springstoff.

She tells us about the idea behind the song:

“There are so many songs about heartbreak and the pain it causes its victims but the perspective of the heartbreaker is often overlooked. It can be just as painful to deliver this blow as to receive it. Often there are no winners when love comes to an end.”

Watch the video to “Ice” here:

Listen to our Song Pick of the Day below:

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(Photo: Iwona Wojtowicz)

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