SONG PICK: Teulu – Albeit



SONG PICK: Teulu – Albeit

Reading about Teulu‘s inspiration for “Albeit,” I knew I wanted to feature the song before I even listened to it. Granted, I knew it would be electronic music, a genre that I love, yet I was not prepared for how much “Albeit” moved me. Ben Capogrossi, aka Teulu, created pure magic with his new single, taken from his upcoming EP Fulgurant. “Albeit” is incredibly tender yet strong and powerful at the same time, with moments of bliss and everlasting beauty sprinkled in. Enjoying the track without listening to its profound lyrics, one would never guess its deeper and ultra-important meaning. Born in Portland, Oregan, Teulu now lives in a van with the goal to live minimally and create art through real, routine-less experience.

When asked about the upcoming EP Teulu explains:

These songs were written more specifically around a close family member who was experiencing severe dementia, and who recently passed away. It’s a tough thing to cope with, especially since I’ve been lucky enough to not be around death much. ‘Albeit’ specifically was written from the point of view of my mother, who was the primary caretaker of her mother, and questioning both her own strength towards helping the person who brought her into this world, with the juxtaposition of ensuring the health and strength of the person she cared for. It’s so complex, but also so common, and happening behind closed doors all over the world. How do we keep ourselves grounded while slowly watching our loved ones decline?

Listen to “Albeit,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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