SONG PICK: Varley – Misery (Video)




SONG PICK: Varley – Misery (Video)

The new song by Irish-German trio Varley is called “Misery,” but it is meant as an antidote to self-afflicted negativity. “Don’t blame me now for building all your misery,” Claire-Ann sings in this catchy upbeat pop tune. But the “me” and “you” are interchangeable, as the band explains:

“Have you ever been on the receiving end of some misplaced anger or blame? Or noticed that some people around you are so preoccupied with their own life, that they forget to ask something simple, like, ‘how are you?’. We certainly have and we’re certain that we can all be guilty of this at some point, so we wrote ‘Misery’ as a little reminder to live in the moment and not to blame others when things aren’t going right.”

Watch the colorful video “Misery” here:

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