SONG PICK: Silver Relics – Tails



SONG PICK: Silver Relics – Tails

New York-based psych-rock band Silver Relics release the catchy “Tails.” Formed in late 2017 by songwriter Alex Sepassi, Silver Relics have their roots in classics rock spiced with a flurry of modern elements. The result is a highly pleasing melange of sounds and vibes. Asked about “Trails,” Sepassi says:

“Tails” is inspired by the instinctive aspects of humanity and the nonverbal communication we use daily. Those random encounters we come across every day and the body language that ensues. It’s about identifying the animal and primitive nature that exists within all of us through the lens of others. I wanted to experiment with the connection between desire and all of its significance, relative to the things we don’t necessarily have to verbalize as humans in order to understand it as an animal.

Listen to “Tails,” our Song Pick of the Day:

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Photo credit: Gail Thacker

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