SONG PICK: Starrgazy – Octopus




SONG PICK: Starrgazy – Octopus

“Octopus” lays out layers of synths, guitars, and ethereal vocals like a lagoon of crystal clear water, inviting you to immerse yourself. The song is the latest release of Starrgazy, the Cornwall-based duo of Lucy Hill and Benjamin Wesley Morgan. Lucy explains the underwater theme of the song:

“Having recently done my own deep dive into personal therapy after physical and emotional burnout, I resonated with Craig Foster’s story and his exploration of personal growth. Some people prefer to play it safe and simmer on the surface bobbing up and down like a buoy on the ocean. For other humans like Craig Foster, profound growth lurks deep inside of them and ‘My Octopus Teacher’ presented the exploration of ‘self’ to us in a serene and moving way. I was inspired to write lyrics for ‘Octopus’ that drew on the same themes of personal growth and transformation.”

Listen to “Octopus,” our Song Pick of the Day here:

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