SONG PICK: The Shivas – Undone



SONG PICK: The Shivas – Undone

After the gloriously groovy “If I Could Choose” Portland psych-surf quartet The Shivas release “Undone,” another mesmerizing taste of their sixth studio album Feels So Good // Feels So Bad to drop on September 24th, on Tender Loving Empire. Drummer and singer Kristin Leonard says about the record’s theme:

I do think it’s about acceptance. There’s a weird relaxation that comes with being at peace with things you can’t control or have regrets about.

“Undone” is written and sung by Kristin Leonard “as an homage to the times in our life when we rebound from periods of darkness to states of exuberance that easily go too far into the realm of darkness all over again.”

Our first thought was like “testing the waters and emerging from the pandemic,” but then again, we certainly all had these kinds of times in our lives before and most likely will have them again. With light comes shadow, and with too good of a time also usually at one point comes the headache and the misery, until the heart feels good again. A never-ending cycle and a ride that is so much more fun when simply accepted ‘as is.’ With its feel-good vibes, “Undone” is just the perfect song for the good days and the bad ones.

Listen to “Undone,” our Song Pick of the Day:

We love “Undone” and dig the sweet video too. Watch it here:

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Photo credit: Eirinn Lou Riggs


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