SONG PICK: Giungla – Little Problem (ft. Jessica Winter)




SONG PICK: Giungla – Little Problem (ft. Jessica Winter)

Today, singer, guitarist and producer Ema Drei aka Giungla has released her second EP “Turbulence” after 2016’s “Camo.” The latest single is the hard-hitting “Little Problem,” which shows off her unique way to fuse heavy guitar work with smacking electronic beats. The track was recorded a while ago in London in collaboration with Jessica Winter and like many other songs, its meaning changed in light of the pandemic. Ema recalls:

“The title was the first thing that came to mind and suddenly it seemed like a perfect metaphor. This song is for those of us who feel overshadowed by someone else or struggle to find space. Thinking about having someone really tall in front of you at a gig now does seem like a ‘little problem’ compared to the fact that we weren’t able to attend (nor perform) shows for a while… so I even miss that! Almost as much as I miss a crowded venue.”

Listen to “Little Problem” below:

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(Photo: Olimpia Rende)

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