SONG PICK: I Am Snow Angel – Falling Down To the Earth



I Am Snow Angel

SONG PICK: I Am Snow Angel – Falling Down To the Earth

New York-based songwriter and producer Julie Kathryn aka I Am Snow Angel is back with new original music after her 2019 album Mothership. In March she released the instrumental production “Elegy”, and yesterday the four-track EP “Falling Down To the Earth.” Both EPs invite you to close your eyes and let yourself be transported into a landscape of light and beauty. With its growing intensity, our Song Pick of the Day, “Falling Down To the Earth,” feels like a sunrise from the first ray of light until the world has awoken and is buzzing around you.

Julie says about the EP:

“Creating this EP was really meditative for me. It helped me cope and feel ok during the pandemic. For me, these songs are loving and reflective. They were inspired by nature, motherhood, and my deepening spiritual connection.”

Listen to “Falling Down To the Earth” on Bandcamp or Spotify:

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(Photo: Julia Drummond)

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