VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Lailana, Red Moon, She’s Excited!, Talia Jackson



VIDEO PICKS OF THE WEEK: Lailana, Red Moon, She’s Excited!, Talia Jackson

Lailana – Pixelated Soundwaves

U.K. singer/songwriter Lailana covers a tough topic in her song “Pixelated Soundwaves” – the same as Claire George earlier this week, by the way: losing somebody to drug addiction. The song is upbeat and bouncy, but Lailana packed a deeper meaning into the music and video. She explains:

“If you imagine a song in its physical form- Soundwaves, a distorted -scattered version of that physical form will be the soundwaves in pixel form. I wanted to draw a picture of the distorted and muddled mind. I wanted to compare that to what the song actually is… Pixelated Soundwaves. If you take the song and pan it out on a piece of paper, with the way the melodies are written, you will find that it kind of looks like a graph that is on a constant incline to decline- based on the tempo of the song and the instrumental which switches from a full synth-lead melody to a stripped back guitar verse and back to an even bigger finale. It is also a reference to the way one hears and feels music differently when under the influence of strong substances.”

Watch the video now:

Red Moon – Emotional

Red Moon is Norwegian singer/songwriter Joanna-Deborah Bussinger. Watching the dynamic, somewhat spooky video for her latest song, “Emotional,” leaves open various interpretation, but it totally makes sense when she explains it in her own words:

“This song is a confrontation between yourself and someone who throws you off balance, like when things escalate in a fight or when it seems like there is no way out of a specific moment. In hindsight, you know things could have been handled differently.
I’m still looking to find that “balance” of finding a safe place for communicating in the midst of a fight. Because in the heat of the moment, our emotions cause us to misunderstand each other and ruin what we wanted to accomplish through our fight. It’s accepting what I am feeling and still know it always takes two to want to solve a conflict.”

Watch the video now:

She’s Excited! – Add Clarity

Anne Wichman aka She’s Excited! possesses crazy many talents to choose from. We know this first hand because we are fortunate to call Anne our friend. Because of that, it is no wonder that She’s Excited! does not simply release her dark electronic tracks and multiple DSPs, but she usually embeds them within something bigger, a visual experience. Pandemic be damned, she also experimented with Virtual Reality, and we’re looking forward to experiencing one of these shows live when it’s possible again. For now, we can not get enough of her newest video, “Add Clarity,” with all its gorgeous visuals by Erin Wajufos.

She’s Excited! says about her newest release:

Add Clarity is about dreaming. Not only about the longing and yearning when we are awake. But also about the dreaming state while sleeping. I lead two lives: one when I am awake and one when I am sleeping. They are equally important to me, both personally and professionally.

Watch the video now:

Talia Jackson – HIDDEN

We don’t watch much or not enough TV so Talia Jackson didn’t ring a bell but we were immediately smitten by her lovely song and video “HIDDEN.” turns out, Talia Jackson has amassed quite the fan base thanks to her role in Netflix’ “Family Reunion.”

Watch the Mike Williams directed video now:

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